First ever NEX5 video arrives on Vimeo

The first ever NEX5 video on Vimeo isn’t a looker, but it does help confirm one important advantage over GH1.

Even with all that shaky and awful camera work, there aren’t any issues with mud! If you’re interested in a more scientific approach than that, and dotting the I, P and B’s, this fact is also confirmed by our friend Vitaliy who has been analysing the I,P,B frames of the NEX5’s .MTS stream.

The codec is a better implementation of AVCHD than on the Panasonic GH1. Also, the codec does use B frames, unlike the GH1.

However since the GH1 bins pixels and downscales the entire image (in a crude way), the Sony NEX appears to follow the even more quick and dirty line skipping technique employed also by the Canon EOS HDSLRs. So the GH1 still wins the aliasing and moire contest.

Just a shame it isn’t 24p native!