Canon C300 Cinema EOS camera – specs and initial thoughts

Canon’s new Cinema EOS camera is here and it is 5D Mark II inspired in terms of design although not price! Costing over $16,000 the Canon EOS C300 has a far more compact and less cluttered design than the Sony FS100 or F3. The camera takes on the look of a DSLR with built in EVF. The camera will be available in January 2012.

Initial thoughts

It is not a DSLR killer due to the pricing.

It does not have a full frame sensor, since it is Super 35mm.

It has a 4K sensor but it is not a 4K camera. The output is just 1080p.

I love the design – far better than the Sony FS100 and F3.

Cinema EOS


  • 4-2-2 10bit colour a nice improvement from DSLRs
  • 8MP sensor means low light performance is good, fine film like grain
  • Form factor is superb – I much prefer the DSLR inspired ergonomics to the dated traditional video camera form factor
  • The Canon XF codec 50Mbps 4-2-2 MPEG based (I speculated this would end up on the 5D Mark 3 – I hope I’m still correct)
  • It is modular – add-ons for XLR, LCD, top handle, etc.


  • Pricing means rental only and I don’t go for that
  • Although the sensor is 4K it only outputs to 1080p
  • 60p only in 720p mode!
  • No AF or auto-exposure of any kind (for documentary, news, etc.)

More news as it comes…

Canon EOS C300