5D Mark III round-up

Canon 5D Mark III

The maximum bitrate of the 5D Mark III in video mode has been revealed, and other breaking news…

91Mbit high bit rate video support

The video bitrate is a very high 91Mbit* in 1080p ALL-I mode. That is well beyond broadcast standard AVC Intra 50. No news yet on whether colour sampling is 4-2-0 or 4-2-2 yet or whether colour depth is 8bit or 10bit.

*Thanks Marvin¬†and remember this is variable (VBR) not constant per frame (CBR) so actual bitrate always depends on what you are shooting and how good the encoder allocates bitrate across the frame. I’m expecting it to be very good in this area.

Movie crop mode?

The official specs provided by Canon mentions the following under video operation:

“During movie shooting or if movie cropping has been set, the image cannot be magnified for manual focusing.”

Yet there is no mention of a crop mode. I’m expecting one to be present, with at least an APS-C mode and if not, similar to the 600D.

Audio controls and on screen meters

The silent touch wheel can be used to adjust audio levels and there are live on screen meters.

Will the Mosaic Engineering Anti-Aliasing VAF 5D2 filter fit?

Canon have removed one of the notches that the current filter uses for support as it nestles into the mirror-box. So I expect the answer to this is no!

5D Mark III

Minimum shutter speeds

Of course full manual controls are present in video mode. The minimum shutter speed is 1/30 in 30/25/24p and 1/50 or 1/60 in 720/50/60p. No nasty surprises there.

Clean ISO 12,800 and full resolution JPEGs at DPReview

Quite mind blowing really. I for one will not be pining for a Nikon D800 style 36MP sensor any time soon. Click here to pixel peep.

HDMI is 1080p

There’s no drop in resolution or interruption when hitting record, but overlays cannot be completely turned off. This doesn’t matter since the internal recording format is so good, you won’t need to use an external recorder.

What about the EOS 4K DSLR?

Reminder – NAB 2012 is in April. That could be the answer!

And finally…

DigitalRev go to the Canon Hong Kong announcement.