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New short shot on Red Weapon


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Yes it's actually good to see my stab at coloring and the version Anh put up - amongst other things - yes grain is a decision I looked at a lot - I went back and forth a lot about whether to add some grain and it helps with the stuff at 100 FPS and the stuff at 30 FPS and 48 FPS - to connect it all together more seamlessly - I also added a bunch of secondary color correction to help smoothe together all the scenes and play with the sun - which was interesting because it's Winter Sun, which is quite fascinating,  Also worked with saturation from the outdoors and inside and by messing around found a less jarring schematic would be warm/cold vs saturated vs desaturated for exteriors.  

Was interesting and challenging to play with the conventions of the imagery to the poetry - to try to find a connection thru color to make seamless - I found it quite enjoyable!

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About to release a film shot on the Red One MX that through coloring no one will notice if it was shot on the red dragon or alexa or anything - it's just a matter of really figuring out how to color and light and compose - that's the biggest thing.  


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omg, that's really great. and that's not an easy plot to shot imho.

this is the true language of light and it is full of emotions and feelings (so there's no wonder you struggled when you are trying to discuss things in normal words like the rest of us :-)   - you should better express yourself by shooting and shooting and shooting even more, the only grammar you ever should take into consideration are the flight of the photons))

no, seriously, while I am not sure about the different gradings, at least they didn't disturb the view; your visual communication is very trained, sir

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