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Sony has gone internal-4K crazy: A7RII, RX1004, RX10II

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I know people like to poke fun at Canon due to their seemingly underwhelming specs (myself included at times!) but for what its worth, during my 3 months or so with an A7s I found it slow, clunky, unr

My main concern is colour... I don't care what you say about s-log, luts etc... The colour on the a7s just isn't great. For cool colours, it is nice... For natural or warm colours it is a pain

​I do entire shoots with 5-axis.  I love it; works for me.   I agree with your opinion that stabilization can look very artificial when the camera is moving.  It's a tool on my EM5II that works very w

Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

The RX100 MK IV looks noisy from what I've seen so far. Maybe it's the S-log2 + small sensor combination? It's excused, after all it's a 1" sensor pushed to 800/1600 ISO, then compressed to 8bit 4:2:0, then pushed/pulled back extensively in post to grade. 

I'd like to see 100-400 ISO samples using Cine 2 or Cine 4 Gamma, I think these profiles will be more suitable to the RX100 and RX10 than a LOG gamma with a minimum high ISO. 

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weird that full frame pixel binning is so much faster than one-to-one sampling of the middle of the sensor. Would have thought it'd be the other way round

​The GH4 is exactly the same. 1080p from the full sensor has much less rolling shutter than the 4K crop. 

Shame about the rolling shutter. Usually when something looks too good to be true, I assume it is. We'll have to see whether there's any meaningful difference in detail rendering or dynamic range vs the A7S.

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34ms. OUCH.

Actually worse than the D90? That camera was in the unusable territory, you can't  take anything but locked off tripod shots WITHOUT moving subjects. 

Well, about 30ms (a7S), right focal length and careful pans are able to produce this outcome:


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Thanks Emanuel. On my iPad the RX10ii looks terrible with banding and other crap. I hope Andy has not forgotten about his tests so we can see all the settings and side by side comparisons.

RX10 II footage is now shot and all done. Got the RX100 IV as well so will be doing review of that.

So expect final part of RX10 II review today or tomorrow.

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What do you guys think of the slowmo capabilities of the a7r ii.. 

do you think they will stay with the 120fps at 720..even if their cheaper models like rx10ii.. Are able of 120/1080?

Its a very important feature for me and I would be a bit disappointed if the flagship isn't able to go higher then 720/120.. As the a7r ii has a lot more cpu power then the two cheaper models I really would expect better slowly. 

Do you think the will come out with a firmware update? Or could it maybe be possible that right out of the box the slowmo performance is better than expected? 


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