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New NX1 Rumors to delayed FW


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Source: Mirrorless Rumors

Apparently the reason why Samsung delayed the new firmware release for the NX1 is quite...surprising:

A source who shared correct Samsung rumors in the past told me that Samsung has "rewritten" the NX1 code. I don't know how deep those changes are. We will likely see that new NX1 code with the next firmware update. Let's hope this means we can expect some great improvements!

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Yeah you can record 12bit raw HD, I forgot to mention that I was thinking about 14 bit uncompressed raw. However, 4K raw is still out of question.

​Not if they do it out the USB3 port :)

Honestly, just hoping for better RS in 4K, center 4K crop, higher bitrate options in 1080p, and a 1080p HDMI out option.

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I hope for

  1. 10 Bit would be nice.
  2. Real usable HD out the HDMI port
  3. Better HD quality
  4. 4k slomo at any speed is better then none
  5. Let us pick 264 or 265 or at lest HD in 264 so we do not have to trans code HD.
  6. Fix the audio better
  7. Focus peaking that you can assign to a button to turn on and off for when using a finder covering the back screen
  8. Much better low light focus for both stills and video

Raw would be nice but that might be pushing it some for this camera and how much space would that eat up..ouch

Wish list for next version two card slots one for photos and one for video or over flow and much better cleaner low light performance, Two XLR audio inputs or a add on for that that ties right into the camera that is very small and lite.

More lens lots of them

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We should look into processor related improvements, since it has one of the best processors around, what I think the improvements can realistically be  :


  • Reduced Rolling Shutter
  • Highter 4K Framerates
  • 6.5K video
  • Choice between 264 and 265
  • RAW HD
  • True Log profile

I still dont have my NX1, but will be buying mine in may, and boy, this camera is getting more and more amazing.

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​Yeah not even U3 needed. Raw HD on for example the Micro in 30fps is 65mb/s.

​That's U3 speed, BTW. Greater than U3 even (going by the existing nomenclature that'd be U7 if it was ever defined). The Extreme Pro wasn't rated U3 on release because that spec didn't exist then. My recently-bought Extreme Pro now has a U3 logo on it.

I keep on harping on forums that some older cards are capable of faster speeds even if they don't have the logo because said spec was not out when the card was released. Sometimes you just have to test first. Another good reason for not using newly bought gear the next day for a big assignment.

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