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Blackmagic URSA Mini - $2995 - official thread

Andrew Reid

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If BM is serious about sticking with the CFast game, as it seems they are, perhaps they'll make a move into the media arena, alá Atomos, and help bring those CFast prices down. As it stands a wallet of CFast 2.0 cards is a pricey investment for someone buying a $3000 camera, and could eclipse the price of the cam at current prices. Just a thought.

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I am sure Canon being in the CFast 2.0 game will help bring prices down.

Haha just kidding.

Ha! I trust your alluding to their pitiful XC10. I can't see that camera being purchased, at all actually, let alone in numbers that would positively effect a broad market adoption of CFast 2.0. We can hope though, right?

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The XC10 probably has it's place. There will always be a large crowd willing to sacrifice the artistic creativity of a super 35mm sensor with 15 stop dynamic range for a drab looking slap and dash camcorder image.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

The first time I encountered the URSA my first impression was: this is the rolls royce of cameras, the kind of material it was made of and how solidly it's put together alone justify the weight. It's like a beautiful block of sculptured metal, steel iron in fact. It's an entirelt different league from the C300s/FS/Sony/Pana professional camcorders, and even beyond Red. The only camera that felt close was the Alexa. 


I think this is the reason for the URSA being unsuccessful, is that it needed to be used in an Alexa environment, yet the price was targeted to an entirely different audience who don't even know how to handle such a beast. 

It really is one of the first camera I as a man cannot hold, it's like gym excercise. 

The URSA mini seems like BM realized that fact, so they decreased the size and used more consumer/normal-camera materials and kept down the weight significantly to the normal level. In the photo it does look like they might have went too far in material quality but I don'tmind as it"s sturdy enough for normal shooting, which it will probably be (the material honestly looks very cheap with all these finger print smudges, like a plastic toy, but again I'd take that over weight any day) 


This was the first URSA problem, and they fixed it. Second was the price, and they sure fixed that too!! People are a bit hard to convince to pay 7K for a BM camera when they can get a real known pro camcorder forthe same money, and it just wasn't the market BM should be aiming at ''yet''


Third of course was the downsides of the infamous sensor, which was great in all aspects (Resolution, DR, excellent colour rendition and skin, no artefacts of rolling shutter, aliasinf, moire) a great sensor and produced fantastic images UNTIL sunlight comes down! This was the only fatal flaw in the URSA performance, lowlight performance, this alone made the camera compete in a whole differrent niche market compared to C100/300 FS7 and the others. And unless they fixed it the Mini will still be a niche product for a specific small group of shooters and sales won't fly, 


If they did fix it though, and now it's capable of clean 1600/3200 ISO at least, then this camera can be the dominant force in the professiona

 video industry for years to come. Nobody else is making such a complete package, it will ne perfect as an ENG camera with ProRes 4:2:2, the friendliest broadcast format of all, and a perfect film camera as we know how filmic the images look and the fact that it can take film lenses and has a s35 sensor. 


This camera could be THE one, but I am doubtfull there will be a major minor fatal flaw that makes it only appeal for a niche market. I hope not because if it's true, this is my next company camera. (Yes I've been looking for a large pro-looking camcorder for marketing reasons and this may very well be the one, unless they screw it up BM style, something like the LCD being disabled until a 2016 firmware fix, FPN, onlyworks at ISO 25, Audio sounds like a telephone call, needs 5 V-lock batteries for a shoot, has a passive mount so no IS at all, you know, the BM stuff!) It looks promising though and looks to be free of these issues. Fingers crossed. Don't let us down again BM, we love you!

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