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Post Your Anamorphic Photography Here (Models)

Chris Elkerton

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We can get a little bit bogged down with the tech side of stuff, sometimes its nice to get back to what we are all about.... images!

So for a bit of fun I propose a thread of just images using models. (Anamorphic of course) Feel free to post your own stuff here, it would be nice to see different styles and techniques. Have a dig through your drives, or grab your camera and see what you can come up with.

Here's one to get us started.



Canon 5d markii Lomo Squarefront 85mm.

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Very nice photos there.

 May I ask you guys how do I take an anamorphic photo? I mean do I have to shoot at max raw resolution?

If yes,  how do I go about it in post using a 2x anamorphic lens for example with a such big resolution?

Do I have to apply the same method as in the video? 

It would be nice to hear your workflow on this.

Thank you so much.


Comp 1_00000.jpg

Comp 1_00000.jpg

Comp 1_00000.jpg

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​niceeeeee. how did you achieve the look and color




I think the main strength of the shot is in the framing.  we were walking up the hill along a path and the pathway was the perfect width for the shot.  the look comes from the use of a 50mm f1.8 wide open on a apc-s sensor. - being a crop sensor the best portion of the 50mm was used and less of the edge smear at f1.8 was captured.  the iscorama then provided the extra width that would normally be there with a full frame sensor, cropped.


I was also pretty lucky with the light.  it was just getting dark and i was forced to shoot at 1/50th sec - providing a cinematic single frame look.  


the processing involved just correcting wb and doing a grade in rgb curves.  the scene looked very similar to this when we were there.  I think I pulled up exposure on the face to make him pop a bit.

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Great fotos and stills! Although I am the worst photographer on the forum (internet?) I dare to post some images:ph34r:

Canon FDn 50mm (plus cheapbooster) and mighty-little-8mm Moeller


Canon FDn 28mm and 1968 Exakta Iscorama


Schneider Kreuznach Optivaron and  late 70's Iscorama 54 (obvisously not MC)


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