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New Panasonic CM1 smartphone shoots 4K video with Leica lens

Andrew Reid

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The iPhone 6 Plus hasn't even been released yet, but as of today it has been made obsolete for photos and video by the Panasonic CM1. This is quite simply a new benchmark for the camera phone, with an overall camera spec that beats every other smartphone on the market. The Android powered CM1 delivers 4K video and 20MP stills with full manual control from a large 1" sensor, sporting a Leica DC Elmarit 10mm F2.8 prime lens.

Read the full article here
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it's one of the most interesting phone this year

however, it seems like Panasonic was just trying to test the water, this phone does not even have a front facing camera!



Lumix 1020 failed big time because it's a Windows Phone, fortunately Panasonic does Android


the major factor is the thickness of the phone

almost all smartphones nowadays range from 6mm to 10mm 

if panasonic somehow managed to make it like 10mm or so it will get a lot of attention, until then it will probably fade out like 808 Pureview

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Very interesting. I considered a 4K Android phone recently but decided against it because I couldn't find an app that allowed me to shoot 24p and 25p/change frame rates. Anyone know different?
Filmic Pro have no plans to port to Android so I'm looking at the iPhone again due to the stronger software and the image stabilisation. I wonder if the Panny phone shoots high frame rates like the iPhone.

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Would love to finally toss my 5year old point and shoot camera. My only problem is that smart phones are shackles to your carrier but unlocked this may be worth the buy out cost. Do we know all the rest of the facts?
- removable battery? Lion or lipo chemistry?
- screen resolution and dimensions?
- wireless functionality and protocols?
- 1/4-20 mount???
Tell all Andrew!

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I had a Samsung galaxy with android back end. It was sloooow, changing modes, apertures, iso etc was a pain in the bum. That Spinny touch screen aperture dial is a total gimmick. It has momentum so you'd often miss the mark. A simple list or slider would be better. I hope they squeeze in a decent processor and lots of ram. (Because if the phone doesn't suck I will buy it)

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" I’m very tempted to switch from my iPhone to the CM1, despite liking the Apple operating system far more than Android. "


I sure the heck will not.  The iPhone is fundamentally a communications device for myself and not a camera.   Further, as an operating system, I prefer and trust iOS versus Android in terms of security and range of other issues I won't belabor the matter here.  I won't give that up just to try and suddenly make a phone a camera as first priority.


The new LX100 can satisfy the lust of 4K and compactness on the go if such features are desired.  Besides, it is also designed as a camera, not a camera trying to be a smartphone.   Smartphones will continue to evolve with 4K, bigger sensors, etc., with the passage of time.  We're still more or less at the threshold of 4K.

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Imagine this on a DJI Phantom :)

You know what'd be great on that? One of Sony's QX cameras, if Sony had the foresight to freaking place a HDMI port and remote jack on it.


OK so decent processor, 2gb rram 16gb (meh) but mSD card (yay). BUT only to be released in France and Germany before Christmas. Boo http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/15/panasonic-lumix-cm1/

The Snapdragon 800 is more than decent. It just about blows away every other SoC on the market.


21mm wide, try carrying that in your slim jeans.

Not too long ago the famed Nokia N95 was 21mm thick. Didn't stop Nokia from selling a ton of them.


I sure the heck will not.  The iPhone is fundamentally a communications device for myself and not a camera.

And that's why some of us won't touch an iPhone.  ;)

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