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New Panasonic CM1 smartphone shoots 4K video with Leica lens

Andrew Reid

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Looks to be a wonderfully small camera and an obnoxiously large phone at the same time..


Yeap, just like the new iPhone. Which is apparently exactly what the hipsters and smartphone nerds want. A huge pocket gadget that won't fit in the pocket. But the iPhone 6 has one big advantage, it's not running Android. 


The CM1 is quite an interesting launch from Panasonic, nevertheless. I hope they will soon make it available continent-wide. 

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*sigh* I've had the Galaxy Note since the first version, all of them fit in my pockets.



Yeah, I would love the CM1 could hackintoshed to run iOS!!! The new iPhone Plus looks nice, but it is a $1000 brick!!! I should buy a hand bag to put inside. I don't intend change sex orientations to have a phone with OIS!!!

And this... this is an incredibly sexist remark bordering on misogyny.

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Uh, yes, phones are overpriced. Did you just find out about that recently? An iPhone goes for about US$700+ off contract to about US$1k for the new iPhone 6 Plus 32GB. The Samsung Galaxy S and Notes are also around the same price.


For two-thirds the price I can buy a telephony-enabled tablet with similar specs. How odd that a larger screen and bigger battery somehow costs less...

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The iPhone is fundamentally a communications device for myself and not a camera.   Further, as an operating system, I prefer and trust iOS versus Android in terms of security ...


Haven't you seen the news lately? iOS has had its fair share of security issues recently!


As for the phone, I'll be very keen to see some reviews... looks very tempting.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Anyone thinking about that Sony Q thing. A full S35 sensor with an e mount (in a surprisngly small package / module) that attaches to the back of your iphone, and gives you A6000 level image quality in your phone, ready for social use.

If the wifi conectivity works fast and reliable and easy, I think I would like it instead of having an extra A6000 that's isolated from the internet world.

Still dont know what to think about it.

Andrew, man you've got a LOT of work to do here in the next few weeks :)

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Only 15fps at 4K?  That's a relief to hear! I was actually really interested in this CM1, but the thought of Android running on a tiny 4.7" screen had me worried. Especially as I'm so used to running Windows Phone 8.1 (which is pretty flawless) on a big 6" screen Lumia.


But now it seems I have a good reason not to buy the CM1. So I'm happy about that :)

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