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  1. The cheaper version is coming out in Q4 next year? Or was that a typo and you meant Q4 this year? Thanks
  2. MiL0

    GH3 vs EM-5 II

    Hi - does anyone have experience with both of these cameras? I'm tempted to sell my old GH3 and pick up the newer mk2 of the EM-5. I appreciate that the GH4 is probably better quality-wise, but I'm not interested in 4k and I'd prefer to have stabilisation for the type of run-and-gun filming I tend to do. So, video quality-wise, how does the EM-5 II compare with the GH3?
  3. This review didn't really do it for me. All the comments about android are how I feel about iOS; particularly iOS 7 and 8 which look and feel so cheesy and unpolished. I suspect the final score would have been higher if the reviewer didn't have such an obvious apple bias.
  4. Haven't you seen the news lately? iOS has had its fair share of security issues recently! As for the phone, I'll be very keen to see some reviews... looks very tempting.
  5. rather than an EVF. I think I'd prefer a RX100-style flip screen. oh, and change the focus mode dial for a function dial.
  6. I think you'll regret buying an iMac... I have a decent i7-4930k based PC and I sometimes wish it ran faster. Can you get someone to help you with the hackintosh build? it'll run so much faster than an equivalently priced iMac. Besides, now seems like a really bad time to buy a mac/pc with a built in screen... we're just on the cusp of 4k monitors in the mainstream (even Apple is rumoured to be releasing a 4k screen later this year). Better to build a hackintosh and then you can upgrade the screen at a later date, if necessary.
  7. Their prices aren't much different from normal Hong Kong prices... I don't think these are internal discounts. I bought a GM1 body from HK last year for less than £300, for example. So yeah, I think these GH4 cameras are imported from China/Hong Kong. They're probably bulk shipping them from HK to UK and declaring the value much lower to avoid taxes. So yeah, the warranty is probably for Asian markets only... which is why they Panamoz seems to give you their own warranty (they probably send it back to HK to get it fixed for you).
  8. slow motion video looks great - thanks for sharing :)
  9. I don't really get why everyone is disappointment with this announcement. I figured most people want a 4K GH4 so that they can get a better 1080p end product. Or am I the only one who doesn't care about a 4K export? By the time I get a 4K TV or monitor, I'll be a couple of camera body upgrades down the road. So, if the A7S produces better quality 1080p than the GH3 or GH4 can achieve (and that's a big if) then the A7S suddenly looks very appealing. And that's not even mentioning the full frame sensor (with no pixel binning), slow motion abilities and supposedly amazing low light capabilities. Hopefully Andrew is getting an A7S soon for testing!
  10. Wonder what would happen if you use an E-Mount lens like the Sony 1.8/35mm lens on this camera? Presumably you could record in crop mode. Would a 4K recording be around 2.5K in this mode? If so, in fullframe terms that'd be 50mm at 2.5K (with optical stabilisation). Pretty sweet. And if less of the sensor is being used, then the xavc codec might be more effective?
  11. MiL0

    GM1 vs GX7

    think I'd rather have a GM1 and a GH3, than just a GX7.
  12. what settings do you use on the GM1? contrast turned down but what else?
  13. I wonder if Panasonic and Olympus came to an agreement when m43 was created. In order to not step on each others toes, Panasonic went for more video-focused cameras, whilst Olympus aimed at the pure photography market.
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