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5 reasons the Olympus E-M1 will NOT get 4K video!

Andrew Reid

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Agree with most of what you wrote but not this bit.


Camera makers have been doing it for decades.


Even back as far as the Pentax Spotmatic cameras.

I Have an SP500 with a maximum shutter speed on the dial of 1/500 (hence the name) but Pentax just used the shutter from the more expensive version that had a 1/1000 shutter speed but just left off the 1/1000 notch/marking though the camera still has 1/1000.


They are doing it, but only when they have more expensive gear to "protect" (as in your example).

If Olympus is planning to release more expensive or video oriented camera in near future it is ok, but otherwise it is just stupid to cripple their flagship product. It is also stupid to cripple the flagship product in order to introduce more features in next generation product after few years. Olympus is not the only camera manufacturer in the universe and have to deal with strong competition.

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Sure. I'm using it consistently here in Jakarta; about 20% of the time. I'm on the road for awhile with only my iPhone, so I can't post examples of the video I'm shooting, but I can say that it's li

Yup.  It's freaking ridiculous too.  This is the main reason I put up with the other video limitations of the OLY cameras.  The 5 axis feature trumps pixel peeping...if you're actually using the camer

Anyone who spends their hard-earned based on a rumour is truly a twit.

Hi Ebrahim, I've been using the E-M5 alongside the Panasonic G6 for a while now. This was all shot on an E-M5 with an Ai-S 85mm lens on a lens turbo:


Nb there is also some stabilisation in post added here. Only a very tiny bit added though, a few pixels in some cases, just to ease the vibration, as a heavy 85mm lens, even with a focal reducer, is sometimes just a bit too long for the stabilisation. (EDIT see post below this one) Some of the shots are with the 2x electronic telephoto, ie 244mm, these needed more stabilisation in post.

Overall, I find a well stabilised lens, such as the Panasonic Mega OIS lenses, to be more pleasing for video. In my experience these are just as steady, and with less "drift" when a camera move ends. (edit, hmmm, on 2nd thoughts maybe OMD 5-axis edges this one......) Plus the G6 is incredible for video, and I really like the Panny lenses too. Of course, the E-M5 works with absolutely any lens, so it's definitely a great camera to break out if you want to grab some handheld shots with manual glass.

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I just realised that the last time I used the OMD I made a stupid mistake. When I was dialling in the focal length for the image stabilisation, I forgot to account for the focal reduction of the lens turbo. On the OMDs you don't factor in sensor crop when you enter the focal length for the IS system; so if it's an 85mm lens, you just put in 85mm. But of course, if there's a focal reducer, you do need to include the 0.72 reduction (so an 85mm lens comes out as 61mm). I just tried again with IS set to 65 and it was much smoother. I thought I'd found the limits of the stabilisation system, but I guess not.




as a heavy 85mm lens, even with a focal reducer, is sometimes just a bit too long for the stabilisation. Some of the shots are with the 2x electronic telephoto, ie 244mm, these needed more stabilisation in post.
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So it appears that the E-M1 might get 4k video!


I wonder if Andrew will learn from this and stop posting articles that appear to be factual but just are made up to fit with his thinking that day or to drive visitors to his site.


I wonder if users of my own forum will learn from basic human ethics, that in criticising the owner of a free resource whilst simultaneously being a signed up member taking advantages of the online services like latest news and a forum is unfair.


Besides only an idiot would read a rumours article 'as factual'.

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Really?  I thought I was doing you a favour by visiting your site.  In terms of page views, clicks for advertising and general ego massaging? I have been visiting your site at least weekly since it started. How is that unethical or unfair?


Maybe I was a little harsh but you seem not to notice that people look up to you and spend their hard earned monies based on your words. No one knows everything but you often come across as though you do...

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BTW there is no paid for advertising on EOSHD - Andrew does this for the love of filmmaking .....not $$$ off advertisers ....look no banner ads here!




And Mr Troll above says he is doing me a favour to visit the site. I should be so grateful to him! ;)

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Hey you!


A B&H sponsored Gear Store. Adverts for your books & guides. Worldwide kudos and recognition. I am happy that my comment might have been a bit harsh but are you (et al) seriously trying to make out that this site is purely for love. It has always been your own personal soap box. You love the attention...


Andrew, loads of people buy based on the word of others. There are millions of 'twits' out there but I guess anyone with less intelligence than you doesn't deserve your consideration?


You quoted a bunch of pseudo science about the EM-1 which turned out to be a load of tosh. Whether the firmware ends up being released or not the cam apparently can do 4k.  

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Andrew, my father just bought an Olympus EM10: I find the stabilization very useful, especially for old manual lenses.

Do you think that as the E-M1 was updated with 4K will ever be possible for the GH4 to have the stabilization in the body in a future firmware update? 
Thank you very much! :)

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as the E-M1 was updated with 4K

It wasn't though. (And, eh... in-body stabilization as a firmware upgrade? That's something hardware related... so... unless magic is involved that's a no)


I'm still going with...


Well, if you pull that kind of data from the sensor it will heat up considerably.

And the 5-axis in-body stabilization will not allow for methods to disperse of this excessive heat.

So, for me 4K on the EM-1 is a nice fairytale, but nothing more.

You can't just provide 4K as a FW-upgrade. It's impossible.

Besides, they've never shown any care about us videopeople before.


I don't even really need them to throw out 4K footage out of the E-M1 and onto my storage medium.

I just need a proper videomode, with a broader selection of just about everything (especially 24/25fps!) and maybe a little tweaked bitrate or something like that. [..]

So unless 2015 tech innovation suddenly finds a way to improve significantly on data infrastructure and cooling (hardware; new camera), I don't really see this happening just yet?


That's also why I'm taking this: (FT3) Few tidbits on the new OMD (4K with 24/25/30p, weather sealed)... with a fair amount of salt. They refuse to give the E-M1 anything other than 30p, although there's quite a bit demand for 24p and 25p... and the 4K rumors turned out to be bollocks anyway. So suddenly they care? Haha, well, we'll find out, but better not trust any anonymous sources, 43rumors, and Olympus to come thru for you. Just sayin'.

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Meanwhile I just keep on using my EM1 for Studio & Band promotion..Love the stabilization. It's filmed by my intern, we do around 60/70  a year of these little 'quick' impressions. But to be honest I would like that Olympus will take video serious, I think they will do in this or next model. Meanwhile:


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