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  1. This guy’s works is excellent. Thanks a lot for sharing. Anyone who has a problem with him or his work has a problem. Seriously, step back, chill out. If I really let myself be a prick then every little invasion of my personal space pisses me off. Really pisses me off. But that’s because I’m being an idiot. This little guy with his curious manners isn’t doing any harm but he is creating something awesome. Edit: this guy is a genius...
  2. I am asking from a stills perspective. I have been holding off buying a new Nikon stills cam for some time - waiting for this cam. Now not entirely sure between the 850 or the 810. Thinking about shooting solely in natural daylight with excellent glass. I just want good colours and clean images at base iso; lack of noise with high DR and colour depth. I like to shoot in the rain so weather sealing is a must or a 600 would be a consideration. It is not a cost issue but rather is the 850 worth £1000 more (or even £1500 if I got decent used 810). Buying slightly used seems to make me feel slightly better about buying stuff. So what do you think? Would like to hear your opinion. Sometimes a cam just takes 'nicer' pictures than others but most of the time it is just the newest kid on the block and people can get excited and/or protective. Picture quality is hard to see in charts & reviews that's where I like to hear real opinions. Thanks. (After writing this I am leaning towards a used 810 but when I started writing I was set on a 850. FFS..)
  3. This is innovation: http://www.biztekmojo.com/001715/video-ultra-fast-single-photon-sensitive-camera-which-can-detect-objects-hidden-around
  4. I ought to have updated my profile - I shoot a lot on the Nikon 5300 at the moment. I keep the 5d for when I feel like it (a bit of full frame love). Also nice for timelapses etc and yes raw. I know it's been discussed to death but higher resolution isn't really innovating. Or maybe it is? But for me, as an artist, it doesn't seem that compelling. I don't mean that in a filipant way - when was the last time you thought your stills cam needed more MP? For me and video; 4k capture would be more than enough (1080p output).
  5. Companies will make higher resolution sensors in the future. Who would of thought? But is this innovation, really? Or is it just pushing sausages out of a grinder?
  6. Have you considered making a Photography forum? I just read your interesting and creative article on low light A7S photography and went looking for a photo forum...
  7. Thanks for the heads-up on this one Andy. And thanks a lot Apple! Just given me another thing to deal with as I am currently running Yosemite off a 3rd party SSD. But I suppose it's my fault for not buying a SSD from Apple?
  8. Hey you! A B&H sponsored Gear Store. Adverts for your books & guides. Worldwide kudos and recognition. I am happy that my comment might have been a bit harsh but are you (et al) seriously trying to make out that this site is purely for love. It has always been your own personal soap box. You love the attention... Andrew, loads of people buy based on the word of others. There are millions of 'twits' out there but I guess anyone with less intelligence than you doesn't deserve your consideration? You quoted a bunch of pseudo science about the EM-1 which turned out to be a load of tosh. Whether the firmware ends up being released or not the cam apparently can do 4k.
  9. Really? I thought I was doing you a favour by visiting your site. In terms of page views, clicks for advertising and general ego massaging? I have been visiting your site at least weekly since it started. How is that unethical or unfair? Maybe I was a little harsh but you seem not to notice that people look up to you and spend their hard earned monies based on your words. No one knows everything but you often come across as though you do...
  10. So it appears that the E-M1 might get 4k video! I wonder if Andrew will learn from this and stop posting articles that appear to be factual but just are made up to fit with his thinking that day or to drive visitors to his site.
  11. Any confirmation about whether IS will work using Canon EOS lenses on this cam?  I remember reading that it might but this is really important to me. Would like to get my pre-order in place as long as it does work.
  12. hi, thanks for the on going work on the 5d mkIII. Please can you let me know where I can learn more about the Cinestyle profile.  I have downloaded it and applied it to the camera.  I notice that they also supply a file for Apple Color (which I use).  Do I just apply the profile and then use that when shooting video? Kind of a apply it and then forget it?  Would I then use their file when working in Color with the video?
  13. I have a mkIII and a GH2.  I am really happy with the mkIII. I have missed the Canon look and the camera feels so good in the hand compared to the GH2. I guess I am in the minority here but I don't really like my GH2.  When I hacked it and then ended up with awful looking footage - I never really worked out why but I don't have the time to poor over the forums and find the correct hack that I need. They change all the time and there are a few different ones out there depending on what you need. I just want a cam that I pick up and shoot with and produces the best images that I can afford.  I don't think I am alone in this and have the mkIII which records a decent high bit rate clip without hacking is something I feel confident in. I think the lack of resolution is a shame but it not something I am surprised about (I honestly didn't think Canon would give the mkIII it). Does it bother me, no. Should it, maybe? One thing.  Wide angle lenses on gh2 compared to mkII or III.  Whilst the ff does push the lens and most lens are soft at the edges at least one has plenty of choices for the mkII/III.  There are so few options for the GH2 - the Oly 12mm and maybe a couple of others?  Have I missed a Leica 12mm?  The other thing I want is a general high quality zooms with IS for general work and I have got bored of waiting for the two coming Panasonics - the Canon 24-105 IS is great. I think my usage is different from alot on here - I make sports / travel documentaries and will be using the mkIII (or gh2) with a Panasonic HPX250. 
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