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Shooting video with the Sony A7S at Formula Drift


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Here's my first run-and-gun video event with the Sony A7S. Overall, very happy with the capabilities of this camera. In shoots following this one, I've noticed a significant improvement in video quality when using 30p vs. 60p. Note that footage in this piece was filmed at 1080/60p and super-slomo was filmed at 720/120p. Final file was edited in a 1080/30p timeline and exported as a 720/30p. No, I will not make the master available for download so you can pixel peep at it. ;)


Lenses include the Tamron SP f/2.8 70-200 in A-Mount (with the LEA4) and Sony Zeiss FE f/4 24-70 (stabilization off). Sound courtesy of a Rode Videomic. Since filming this I added a Tamron SP f/2.8 24-70 to my kit so both lenses will focus the same direction (you can probably tell I missed a few because of this.) I did quite a lot of this video with the 70-200 handheld on a small Jag35 rig.  


One major annoyance is that the record button is too easy to inadvertently hit while filming. I missed a couple shots because of this. It should be placed where the C2 custom button is located (like on the A77) or I should be able to remap record to the photo trigger (duh.)


Rolling shutter wasn't an issue.


Here's the video: http://dspor.tv/1uvZRGm


Alternative link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2291i5_sideways-in-seattle-formula-drift-round-5_auto

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Whatever that link was did no play in HD


The player auto detects your bandwidth and plays HD when possible via RTMP or HLS depending on your device. However, I have added an alternative DailyMotion link to the original post if you want to be able to force a resolution. 

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