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  1. I don't see in your video anywhere the supposed color quality you are claiming. Anywhere. I see the same videoish bullshit.
  2. Hi Friends. I have made this spec ad with a Sony A7s, Gopro 4 and Lumix LX100. Hope you enjoy it.
  3. I Just have uploaded short and long version of my latest spec Ad, called Relativity, for Audi. More info in technical description (spanish and english). All Shot with Sony A99 stills, except few shots with BMC Pocket in long version. 30 seconds version. One minute version
  4. Hello, I used a Glidetrack, just like this:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wJdaUER4fA   It was really used (rented it), but after a period of aclimatation and lubrication (with sewing machine oil :-) it worked well. 
  5. Thanks! Nothing. Just a short slider (1 meter), the lens has stabilizer but is not active. 
  6. Hello guys, introducing myself with a short shot of the BMC Pocket, just using the 14.140mm Lumix zoom (hard used and few scratched) and a polarizer filter. Ungraded/Graded shots.  Resut was pretty pleasant, despite of few few time to make it. Questions and comments wellcomed, I am not DOP but director/writer, but well, always learning (camera and better english :-)   https://vimeo.com/76969600   Cheers, JF Calero.   
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