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    • By Emanuel
      Show us something from your liking...
      In the meantime, here are a few for free:
    • By Bozzie
      DJI Mavic Pro 2 D-LOG Cinematic Color Grade (4K). Grade based on my own LUT with some contrast and highlight mods. Overall, pretty impressed with the image quality. Holds up well to heavy color grading. Kudos to filmmaker @Emmanuel Pampuri for capturing these cinematic shots. 
    • By Bozzie
      Shot on a Canon EOS M (Mk1) with my BOZ FLAT_V1 Picture Profile for Canon DSLR Cameras. Download HERE: https://bulentozdemirfilms.wordpress.com/downloads/boz-flat_v1-canon-picture-style/
      Starring: Selen Adem
      *** Strong Language ***
    • By Danko Stjepanovic
      I'm selling very little used GH4 with adapter for four thirds lenses and a Zuiko 14-54mm/2.8-3.5 (Mk I). Also two original batteries. I can check but I believe I've shot maybe ten or twelve hours with it. If you're in London or near by, you're welcome to try it before you make a decision. I'll add images when back in studio. Cheers!
    • By pintowar
      2 SSD Crucial MX100 of 512GB. Used but in perfect working order. See real photos and health and performance tests. MLC memories, more durable and of higher quality than the current models of Crucial.
      Price: 280 €

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