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RAW Video on a Smartphone


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On 7/6/2022 at 8:57 PM, Emanuel said:

Is there anyone who can confirm me if the Xiaomi devices are able to deliver 4K 120fps going on this app? If so, which of those?


Take a look at the app's page at Discord. Plenty of xiaomi users there, but I think 120pfs at 4K is not possible at the moment. 

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49 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

As simple as let it go outside the mobile version up there:

Amazing outcome, go figure for a 200 bucks device BTW... :- )

Thanks, mate! 

I'm still testing different approaches for editing the RAW files in Resolve aiming at HDR delivery for youtube.

I use Windows, so no HDR viewers in Resolve for me. I had to deal with it using a Viewer's LUT.

Anyway, I think that at least for now I've managed to find a good setup for a natural looking image with minimal quality degradation in relation to the uploaded file.

I've also managed to get rid of the colour shift I was facing before on the files coming out of Resolve. 

HDR is almost mandatory if you want the best quality on YT. The HDR bitrate is almost double the SD bitrate.

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Regarding the motorola, it's great for use with motioncam.

All 3 back cameras plus the front facing one work with both 24, 25 and 30 fps.

The telephoto also features OIS like the main. Its resolution at 16;9 tops out at 1832p, but the upscale to 2160p is good enough (the attached video shows it).

Mics are also great (stereo).

It makes for a good all-around pocket camera.

Sone more telephoto samples (incuding low light).



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On 2/11/2023 at 2:44 PM, Emanuel said:

Loved it, lovely RAW output colours, thanks for sharing your results, inspiring for any aspiring filmmaker of all skill and experience levels ; )


Any update on 120fps @4K shooting?

Any capture device out there?


Um Abraço para o Brasil ! :- )

Thanks for the kind comment, Emanuel.

Unfortunately I guess there isn't an option for 120fps RAW capture right now.

If you follow the app's page in Discord people might help you finding options for 4K 60fps. The S22 Ultra records 60fps, but only at 1440p.

Um abraço!

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On 7/7/2022 at 2:57 AM, Emanuel said:

Is there anyone who can confirm me if the Xiaomi devices are able to deliver 4K 120fps going on this app? If so, which of those?


All I can do is rule out the Mi 10T Pro. It doesn't do 120fps. It isn't an option for any resolution. Maybe it's because frame drops are common. It just goes up to 60. I recommend you ask on their Discord server, where you will probably get a fast answer in the dedicated Xiaomi room.

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Has anyone tested BINNED 1080p resolution? Full sensor output is often around (above) 4K, but it can be saved in connected 2x2 pixels to get 1/4 of 4K resolution, i.e. 1080p.

Unfortunately, I noticed a problem with this binned mode - it is highly pixelated, when analyzed approximately it looks as if horizontally it was not two pixels combined into one, but 4 into one because it looks like it was actually 960x1080 and stretched again to 1920.

The photos are a recording in full 4K DNG and the same in 1080 BINNED and two examples of manual resize 4K to 1080p in PS - you can immediately see the colossal difference. Do newer versions of MotionCam RAW fix this?

I reduced the RAW DNG 4K in PS to 1080p resolution using two resize modes - nearest neighbor and best for reduction - in both cases the difference is colossal between pixels with 1080 binned mode.


1080 binned DNG:


4K native DNG:


PS resize 4k to 1080: (1)

3840_native_resize1920_best for reduction.jpg

PS resize 4k to 1080: (2)

3840_native_resize1920_nearest neighbor.jpg


1080p binned DNG (crop) :

It looks like the horizontal resolution was stretched to 1920 from 960...



4K native DNG resized to 1080 in PS:

3840_native_resize1920_nearest neighbor_crop.jpg

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