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  1. Here's one of my results with the RX10 II and Davinci Resolve 12 (Win64). ******************************* Source: 4K Slog2. Colour graded (with LUT) and exported to h264 1080p (15.000 kbps). ******************************* For the audio, I used a RODE Stereo Videomic Pro. It records LPCM automatically, which is quite interesting. The camera also seems to automatically adjust the audio level. I did some 4K exports before, but as it's mpeg4 (the free version won't allow me to export 4K in h264), the blacks are simply awful on YouTube and nothing like what I saw on R
  2. This app is actually a FRAUD. The so called 'increased dynamic range' is an absurd statement. I've noticed that you gain absolutely no additional information changing from normal to flat in low light. I then noticed that it would not happen with highlights. That got me curious. What we can easily investigate is that this 'flat profile' option is just a mere filter, like the one people use to apply over jpeg's to post on Instagram. What it ACTUALLY DOES is change the Exposure values (either shutter speed or ISO) in order to recover highlights and then apply some 'greyish' filter to give it a ci
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