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  1. There was no post confirmation message, hence multiple replies. No delete option.
  2. Yeah, I am almont scared that they will offer Medium Format at too tempting a price to refuse (but it will really test my credit card). Good to hear they are bringing the size down.
  3. Yeah, I am almont scared that they will offer Medium Format at too tempting a price to refuse (but it will really test my credit card). Good to hear they are bringing the size down.
  4. Yeah, I am almont scared that they will offer Medium Format at too tempting a price to refuse (but it will really test my credit card). Good to hear they are bringing the size down.
  5. Yeah, I am almont scared that they will offer Medium Format at too tempting a price to refuse (but it will really test my credit card). 😁 Good to hear they are bringing the size down.πŸ‘
  6. Yeah, I am almont scared that they will offer Medium Format at too tempting a price to refuse (but it will really test my credit card). 😁 Good to hear they are bringing the size down.πŸ‘
  7. Thank you, sounds pretty useless except for home users. Assuming 8k is 4 times the size of 4k and 100Mbps is my bare minimum for H.265 4K recording, does that mean I need to wait for a camera that can do at least 400Mbps in 8K using H.265? I will be waiting for a Fuji that can do in-camera recording and 200Mbps seemed to be what was needed for gradeable HDR quality using H.265. Obviously the more the merrier but some vloggers said they thought that the 400Mbps setting wasn't essential in the XT3. I think at 400Mbps I would be trying to bake the image into the camera to avoid losing anything when grading. Which is fine for what I film. Maybe 800Mbps would be needed if we want to be able to properly edit the footage without it breaking down, or isn't it that simple? I assume AV1 will be used for 8K instead of H.265, so maybe 600Mbps would be a sweet shot for decent HDR footage for 8K TVs?
  8. I don't have it all worked out but similar works well in various countries. Don't let past mistakes make you biased against new ideas. The 1984 totalitarian thing is an easy excuse to brush new ideas aside. The current 2 party system is idiotic and full of useless career politicians. There has to be a better way. Perhaps a no party system which works a bit like a company seems better to me. There is the board of directors who help the CEO make the right decisions and replace him or her when needed. All these people must be elected of course. Just different levels: The public shouldn't decide on the prime minister. Its a ridiculous popularity contest with propaganda, bickering and mud slinging aided by the biased media. Obviously strict freedom laws to make sure we don't get oppressed. Basically, the best people for the job not the Eton lot who were born and bred to get cushy jobs in politics. For example, everyone nominates someone they think would be good. Someone not far right or far left. For example, David Attenborough might be a suitable person to play a role. Maybe just on the board of directors. A particularly good university professor might be another, like Jordan Peterson or Bret Weinstein who are both centrists and intellectuals who make good moral common sense decisions. These are the sort you would pay more to quit their job and take up a role in government.
  9. Not sure why I wasn't allowed to edit my post after about 5 minutes? I added some research about the Samsung phones 8K. Anyway, last years did it too. I forgot to work out bitrate from file size but will look it up. I will leave out the source link this time in case that is why the edit failed:
  10. I saw the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra does 8K video, so will look into the bitrate for that. Probably too low or probably have to do just short clips. Otherwise, will continue waiting for an 8K Fujifilm camera (maybe the XH2 or maybe we are still a couple of years away). May get their XE4 for street photography and a bit of 4K.
  11. Thanks. AV1 apparently offers 30% better compression for videos (according to some random sites I clicked on). Hopefully we can just re-encode our low bitrate H.265 videos, as they are small for streaming and can't afford to have any quality lost at all, so will have to give it a try. We might not have all the masters anymore as they were so big in Pro Res.
  12. I had the Panasonic 25mm f1.7 and it was terrible. On first glance it seemed OK, but on closer inspection the optics were all over the place (maybe it was just my copy). The Olympus 25mm f1.8 was more consistent but not great. I have only tried the 25mm f1.2 in a store and it was a joy to behold, that feathered bokeh really did deserve that new name imo. Instead I had and loved the Sigma 30mm f1.4, absolutely stunning sharpness. A million times better than the f1.7 and f1.8 25mm lenses, so the extra length didn't bother me. Its an absolute bargain too, so you could also grab the 56mm f1.4, or the Olympus 75mm with you having the 42.5mm already. I liked the way a wedding photographer was way back from the action at my brother's wedding, totally non invasive. Whilst the bride's friends were all up in their faces the whole time with their GoPro and little mirrorless camera with kit lens. If thinking of getting the Olympus f1.2 you might want to check the T stop. At least one of those pro lenses had so much going on that it was only letting in a similar amount of light as a Sigma f1.4. That trio of Sigmas are awesome and I can't wait for them to come to Fujifilm, hopefully this year. They are what I miss most about M43.
  13. I 100% disagree and think you are being harsh and disrespectful. People were terribly informed about the pros and cons of Brexit. The average person can't be expected to learn all of this. It should be elected people with excellent minds who make the right decisions for us. The public is too easily manipulated by the media. Even my Mum won't take my word over the news and governments. She has been indoctrinated and 2020 was a big eye opener for how things work in the UK and US and how broken the systems are.
  14. Absolutely superb article Mr Reid. You perfectly hit the nail on the head. I will check the other comments before deciding whether to risk adding my own views as people are very touchy these days.
  15. Is H.265 being replaced by AV1 or VP9 on Windows and new TV models? We have had reports of new TVs not playing H.265 MP4 videos. I suspect it is because HEVC want licencing fees. The other two are open source and free. It's an easy fix on PCs by downloading VLC media player but seems like it could be a giant problem if new TVs cant play H.265 videos. People may have to go back to the old way of using a media player box to play videos on their TVs. Which isn't too bad as they are tiny and only cost ~$40, but its still an extra step and bit of hassle. I assume the manufacturers of the media players are too small to need to pay the royalties to HEVC. Or is there a way to install the H.265 codec on TVs like we can on PCs? On PCs you just need to install VLC, you don't have to use it. It's just one of various ways to get the codec back on your PC. I also wonder if this will affect cameras that film in H.265. Maybe they will need to charge more or start changing their codec too? Might become some kind of restriction like the 30 minute limit in Europe which was a pain for hybrid cameras.
  16. I think the technology in phones is great. I used an Oppo for a couple of months before 4K became available in the GH4 and the same seems to be happening again with 8K. Obviously only good for certain conditions. I usually have my little Fuji XE camera for street. But have been happy with the Adonit PhotoGrip for any phone or the Bitplay Snap line for iPhones. Last one I had was great with a rubber thumb rest, decent grip and mechanical shutter button. The Adonit and others use Bluetooth for their shutter= slight lag. Great alternative to a GR for probably something like Β£40. I wish more phone manufacturers would persist at combining camera ergonomics. Sony have a shutter button in a good place, but even a tiny grip makes a massive difference imo. They all seem to have tried and failed. Just had a quick look and China have ripped off the Adonit style, which was already good value, with the one below. Delivery from China is taking forever at the moment but will get one if well reviewed as it's soon rainy season and flagship phones can be used in very heavy tropical rain, unlike my camera.
  17. I can’t tell if that if that is the 15mm bodycap or 9mm fisheye. The latter is great imo. The former is the worst lens ever made and any phone beats it on any body. Enjoyable using the gimmick modes for half an hour, then I realized it was just ruining everything. The fisheye is a lens I miss from M43. Wish Fuji would do something similar.
  18. It's weird how every review seems to score between 81 to 85%. Like they are hedging their bets because it is owned by Amazon, so they shouldn't do anything to harm sales. Someone wanted to discuss sticking with old equipment the other week so that thread was closed for not being about gear and being too much about photography. Might have been same one as the link to here was in. Mods certainly have bias against certain topics and individuals. BTW. A quick search explained what happened with Jon Pais. Will pop back to catch up on the "drama" now. Hope it is as good as the Egyptian dude a couple of years ago. 😁
  19. The Newyi looks like the Fujian. Terrible quality control- half seem decentered, but they are awesone for the $30 or so they cost. Poor for flare unsurprisingly but decently sharp in the right conditions. And not too much vignette on Fuji. The original narrow C mount Fujian 25mm and 35mm were so bad that they were good. Nearly got the 50mm version for a bit of swirly bokeh fun during lockdown. I expect sonme people have made some cool videos with those C mount lenses on the pocket Black Magic. The Pentax 25mm f1.4 c mount was actually really good imo, but unfortunately too small for FX mount. Some say the new ish Pergear 25mm f1.8 is very good, which may be a new version of the Newyi for something like $55. Black with a silver front. Think they were trying to imitate a Voightlander Colour Skopar look.
  20. I was also waiting for the Viltrox trio on Fuji, but the first two get mixed reviews and all seem to suffer from CA, which is annoying for video and JPG shooting for me. Realised that the Fuji 27mm and 50mm are much better (and lighter) and f1.4 isn't essential. Currently travelling, so want to stay lightweight. May just get an L39 mount Canon 50mm f1.4 or f1.5 or Jupiter 50mm f1.5. The improved lens on the Fuji X100V and 4K video and other new features makes it very very tempting. Not sure about the overheating issue though.
  21. No it is just a far inferior lens. The Super Tak is world class for sharpness. The Jupiter is just plain and slightly above average imo. I only like it as a small nice looking lens on a small camera. The Super Tak is my favourite lens: besides the sharpness you get nice character, possibly from the radioactive glass. Jupiter might have heavier smoother bokeh, but it doesn't help much as the lens never gets particularly sharp. The famous 85mm or 90mm Jupiter has more going for it imo, although I have only used it for a few hours (not a focal length I like on APSC). But it has left me wanting the Jupiter 3 50mm f1.5 which is also L39 mount like the 8. I expect that lens will be a great buy in a small package with a small L39 adapter needed. Jupiter 3
  22. Yeah, visiting DPreview is usually a bad habbit. It's best for camera issues and news imo. The other Fuji forum is very nice like you said. A place where sharing photos is appreciated. Here in Vietnam Discuss comments seem to be blocked which is great, as the rumours site is full of nasty trolls (bit like YouTube). I still see the rumours, just no comments. It's a bad habit sometimes to read them. We have a popular insomnia video on YouTube and the number of people commenting instead of using it to fall asleep is ridiculous. I have had to resort to pinning a comment begging them to ignore the comments section. People are weird and love to get sucked in to bickering online. Nobody ever wins. That's why the smaller communities like here and the Fuji X forum are great; people build up reputation and genuinely support each other instead of regurgitating headlines and arguing because they have buyer's bias. What hapened to John Pias (maybe spelled wrong)? I recall he was a moderator or something here and used to follow his content. Was wondering what he is up to now I am also in Vietnam. An example of a good small forum member who shared helpful gear experiences, but I think maybe he got a few nasty comments and wonder if that's why I don't see him here (not looked very hard though). Someone just posted a really good comparison of Fuji lenses on DPreview today, but nobody seems to appreciate it. Instead they are more concerned with bickering about what the next lens should be and what the next camera should do and trying to justify why the 35mm f1.4 is "magical". πŸ™„πŸ˜
  23. Not just because of the link. With the other one making it perhaps they have changed their policy. Would be great as their video talk forum is so dead I feel sorry for people in there. And vice versa people on here can get unique information there e.g. new Fuji XT4 people. Although this Fuji forum is much nicer: https://www.fujix-forum.com/forums/ (not checked if they have a video section but it is good for lens advice). Generally I find smaller more specialised forums like EOSHD are friendlier places. So sharing more links makes sense to me. Especially now Facebook is taking over forum traffic.
  24. There are some live links I recently added in this thread: https://www.*BAD_URL*/forums/thread/4495379?page=5#forum-post-64038608
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