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Andrew Reid and Frank Sauer shoot with the Panasonic GH4 - Production Diary Day 1

Andrew Reid

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Frank Sauer, Andrew Reid test the GH4

Myself, Andrew Reid (above right) and Frank Sauer (be sure to check out his work here) are currently shooting with the Panasonic GH4!

So the big question has arrived - is the GH4 worth kicking your girlfriend out of bed for at 5am to catch the magic hour light? The answer is yes and we are putting our new girlfriend through her paces with a week of action packed shooting, featuring free-runners, drones, gimbals, abandoned theme parks and apocalyptic Berlin factories.

Here's day 1 of our GH4 production diary -

Read the full article here
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I've been waiting for you to get your hands on this camera!  Can't wait to see some video.


One thing I'm interested to see is how the flat / gradeable the footage can get.  I've seen quite a few clips from the GH4 now, and they all have  a very Canon-like saturation and warmth to them.  While that's not necessarily a bad thing, I do like to have options in post.  


Is it possible to get an image out of this camera that doesn't look so baked-in with the picture profile?

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

I love how you are enthusiastic about this camera! It feels refreshing reading such an optimist opinion about a camera.

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Thank you for your enthusiastic reporting!

We are all a little jealous...love the cooks! (the lens and the video chefs)

Please Please give us a real world DR test! How flat can we go with this little beast?

A lot of the footage so far seems like the highs are slightly blown and the blacks a little crushed.

I am 12th in Canada for pre-order can't wait to shoot. 



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This is the GH4 footage I've been waiting for... looks like a great landscape for an action shoot!  A bit of a letdown on the overcranking but hopefully we'll find out that the Cine D profile grades nicely in 4K.


Andrew, can you confirm that variable frame rate from 2-30fps is available in 4K?  I'm thinking 2fps in 4K could make for some quick and dirty timelapse sequences when raw files are not a good fit.

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I'm super glad you guys are running the GH4 through its paces; perfect timing, especially with NAB just a week away where it will be interesting to see what the competition have up their sleeve in features, performance and (more importantly) price compared to the 4k beast Panasonic has just presented us with! We also need to consider the point that the GH4 will be in the shops in a little over a month and others are just playing catch-up. Can't wait to read more!


I had a play with a GH4 at BVE last month and loved the added features over my GH3 which I'm very tempted to turn into a B-Cam in favour of the GH4.


In your firmware, do you still need to re-boot the camera to change from Film to PAL to NTSC? the pre-production firmware version I was playing with was a little buggy in that respect?

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