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  1. Here is something else to love about this GH4 it does the stills thing pretty darn nice....this is a highly compressed jpg. cheers!
  2. Cheers Andrew! Great work. I would love to have your thoughts. Curves, Masters, and Cine D & V oh my! I have in my very limited use of this camera seen some unforeseen yet logical end results using Cine D and adjusting the curves and master ped. And this has me thinking...which is always dangerous. Everyone is shooting Cine D/ -5 sharpness/ lowering highlights/ etc. so of coarse I did the this as well....and then for fun I pushed the master pedestal to it's max for "DR" range....ah but of coarse this had the absolute opposite effects in terms of actual image quality for post grading...umm? It makes sense pushing the blacks up "artificially " created horrid blocking effect...as did pulling back the highlights...any how you get the image here. No pun intended. Well this got me thinking...what if Panasonic in all it's desire to please actually created a CineD curve that is actually degrading what the censor is receiving. Yes it looks flatter and we all immediately applaud that. Put are we getting less clean blacks? I found I could easily get back 1 or 2 stops of highlight detail in post but if the Cine D curves are degrading this it's not so clean? I am not trying to be pedantic here. I am just stumbling about in the vicissitudes of this new GH4 censor paradigm. Trying to get the absolute cleanest and highest DR that we can squeeze out of this little Cmos. (I posted this ? to Mr Bloom...) no word yet. Anyhow the sun is shining in Nova Scotia so I must go and worship this rare event. Thank you, for all your passion, care, and play! It is always a delight to read your posts. Ok now off shooting with the Tiffin VND/ pans 2.8/12-35 ( I know shooting wide with a VND ack!) Should be fine at that greater mm end....the small light form factor is wonderful for jumping on your bike and going out explore with 4K.
  3. What will Canon do....10 grand DLSR 4K doesn't look so good sandwiched between the GH4/A7S and the BM line up & AJA CION? AJA always seems to go the extra distance for quality and UI. I think I will now just get the GH4 for it's small footprint on board 4K and upgradable flexibility. And just rent the big guns when the job needs it. Fun times...indeed. Really you should check out Andra.com ....they can keep a .95 300mm in perfect focus with no rehearsal, no choreographed marks to hit, no measuring, that emerald on her finger will just magically stay in forces wherever your actress chooses to move it. And then when you want to go to her eye with the reflection of her glass of wine in it...one tap on your iPad instant no breathing focus. The system is built for HD to 6K for now. enjoy.
  4. The only rational I can see for the CFast cards would be the durability? I really do not understand either. This was a case of wishful early posting. :)(:
  5. NAB 2014: Atomos launches Ninja Star, its smallest ProRes recorder yet... Is the this the simple light footprint 10 bit 422/prorRes solution? Only $300 clams.
  6. If anyone just wants a break from all this camera chatter go check out. http://andra.com Or if you are at NAB go say hi to my good friend and meet his amazing focus pulling system.... Sam Fisher's booth #: Andra Motion Focus System will be at the 2014 NAB Show in Vegas at booth C9548.
  7. If we could get these two cameras to procreate we would have the camera baby of our dreams! I like your solution get both! Seriously great thoughtful, rational comparison. Thank you. If you could only budget for one of these little beasts which would it be? This becomes so subjective and personal to ones needs as there is no obvious, no holds-bar winner! I think I will consult my astrologer. Ha! cheers.
  8. If you want to see some new GH4 footage...including the 10 bit 422 via 'break out box" i.e. DMW-YAGH Interface Unit... to AJA recorder.... I Published on Apr 6, 2014 Adorama TV presents the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 and Interface Unit. Join Michael Artsis as he explores the features of this new 4K camera and showcases its stunning footage. AJA Ki Pro Quad http://www.adorama.com/AJPAK256.html
  9. UMMMM? GH4/a7S I was looking at, holding, playing with the a7 today, unfortunately this was ...after trying the new "Lieca" branded pana-42.5/1.2. It feels like a toy camera with toy lens next to the GH3 and lovely new lens. But the larger frame and low light are seductive. I remember shooting in Tibet in 2001 with Sony cameras...great low light. So what is one to do? This is the kinda problem we should all be happy to have! Either camera in the right hands could produce gorgeous footage. Perhaps you buy one for all around production work and simply rent the a7S when you have to shoot by candle light? On board 4K and a strong lens line-up is a powerful force. And a working external 10 bit 422 path for those who have to make the grade. Also you can easily put cine lens on the GH4. Ack what to do? What if Panasonic had p2 based recorder waiting in the wings? Let's call the whole thing off....you say GH4/ I say a7S etc...I'll just shoot it with my iPhone :)
  10. OK I know I am off topic. But look at this image. It seems that we can become somewhat pedantic in our infatuation with 'gear' I know I do. A pinhole camera can tell as profound a story as a 8K Ultra Hd camera. Alright I am waxing way too poetic again and being slightly sophomoric. My humble apologies. I lust after wondrous glass and gear just like the next guy! good night from Canada...
  11. It's the wild 'east' of 4K. I've committed to a mirror-less frontier. The advantages in terms of an evolutionary format seems to make sense to go with less reflections....ha ha. From a simple engineering piont of view a mirror less apparatus has less movable parts therefore lower cost and a more efficient delivery of the goods. Take out the middle 'man' so to speak. I know digital vs optical arguments. But I am lazy. I want light, fast and efficient. And I am the guy who used a wheel-barrow to move a 14X17 inch neg. camera to shoot a 22 minute exposer without a lens, as in pin hole. I love the art and craft of image making. But appreciate the ever evolving tools. 4K mirrrolr-ess is a paradigm shift. I will bet my 4X5 turn of the century Zeiss camera on it. In the near future it will not matter one byte what we shoot on. It will all be beyond our own sensory apparatus. It will resolve to what we see as meaningful. Go to the Met. in NYC and look at an original Stieglitz sliver halied print. Gorgeous.
  12. Ha ha ....I will comply! But you can't really call what i wrote poetry! That would be an insult to poets! cheers.
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