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  1. Zacuto always amazed me with hilarious high prices, even basic things like a simple cable cost at least twice as much as another brand.
  2. So what does it do in video mode ? does autofocus work in videomode with this update ?
  3. I really doubt they have heat issues. I think is more of a profit problem, they need the cheapest approach possible to obtain 4k in a smaller body. Processing power already exists to downscale high megapixels to 4k, high quality and small processors at 20nm or 14nm can be done and they don't overheat, but hey, they cost, canon wants dirt cheap components. If a mobile phone can do 4k, gh4, samsung nx1, go pro 3, phantom 3 camera, it's kind of obvious Canon wants a 4k camera that costs as little as possible to make and get sold at absurd Canon premium price. Man, if it weren't for the lenses, they keep milking the poor people traped in the canon system lenses.
  4. You are crazy man, Canon doesn't give a fu..k about video in the gh4-A7S price range, it's change money for them compared to photography sales. Also, they want more money from proffesionals for quality 4k, and they have the power to force them, you know what it is, largest user base of lens system, percentage of people owning canon lens is the highest of them all, they rule the poor souls who bought a 50mm 1.2 or a 70-200 2.8.
  5. I would ditch the 5d mark III and get the A7R II, if you do videography, matching Canon with Sony is time consuming.
  6. I doubt Panasonic has any plans to ever make a full frame sensor camera. From what i undestood is like computer procesors, big sensors occupy more space on a wafer and when a full frame sensor is faulty on that wafer is damn more expensive than maybe 1-2 m43 sensors. Also, a wafer can hold maybe 5 FX sensors or 10 m43. GH4 is a much cheaper sensor to make than a full frame like sony, canon or nikon, sure they make up with tons of features and good processing power, but skimping on the sensor is the catch that makes it cheaper to make, also the outdated tehnology, bo BSI sensor, no gapeless microlenses.... If you think about it, GH4 is damn expensive when you look at other alternatives, if you do photography, it's good for them Nikon and Canon don't give a sh..t about video in this price range, otherwise they would be toast.
  7. This is big, for videography this is seriously big news. That GH4 peaking is damn misleading, it takes practice to really know when it's in focus at large apertures. They have my money, i hope they can keep up with the orders.
  8. Hey guys, i thought of asking others if they experienced the dreaded "motion recording was cancelled..." error with good cards. My GH3, survived almost 3 seasons of weddings, i changed the cards 3 times by now and i know some will work just fine, some won't. What worries me is that the last wedding i got this error consitently at FHD 50mb/s 50P, i almost lost important footage that was happening if it weren't for my second shooter with a gh4. Being in the heat of the moment i went for mp4 28mb/s FHD, it worked for a while, then it started again with the errors. The cards i use are enough for 50mb/s or even 28mb/s, i know that at 28mb/s, the card should be able to do minimum 3.5mb/s from the rated speed on the card. Now the cards, transcend UHS-I 90mb/s read and write isn't specified but PC testing on USB 3.0 gave 52mb/s write speed, multiply that with 8 and you get 416 mb/s video bitrate capable card. I also have kingston, samsung and kingmax, all of them failed at some point, kingston has a 20mb write speed, samsung 40mb/s and kingmax 20mb/s. What also worries me is that i never had this problem when the body was new, after 2 years of using it i started to have problems and get this error, wich leads me to believe it might die in the near future. I know an SD card will wear out at some point but i think my gh3 is faulty, no matter the card, at some point in the wedding i get the errors and is gonna give me a heart attack, what if it happens when they cut the cake or something. The footage is not lost, i wait for the buffer to clear, wich takes some time and then i hit record again.
  9. ​I bet you Canon and Nikon have wayyy more patents in both sensor and lens tech, whether they are the future of not is to be seen. I doubt Panasonic has any serious sensor tech, we are still waiting for that organic sensor, and waiting, and waiting..... The lens and sensor tech define the winner in this market, i have yet to see a 35mm sensor from panasonic, maybe they did one but i don't recall.
  10. It's not that simple Andrew, panasonic has no remarkable sensor tech, they buy it from Sony or whoever is willing to sell, also, they have no serious glass factory like Canon or Nikon, sure adapters work but look how far canon got with dual pixel autofocus. Panasonic is the underdog for low budget productions, when you have the money you get the c300 mk2, the sony fs7 or higher. For now, panasonic has my money, best bang for my buck, in the future i see eigher sony or canon.
  11. I am very satisfied with my gh4's but the hype around this firmwware got me to expect more. For me, V-log won't matter, i struggle with gh4 in low light shooting weddings that i constantly switch between different profiles for daylight and indoors, flat profiles for low light is a disaster, especially for gh4 sensor. i.Dynamic pushes the DR to the max, there is little one could do in post, even with v-log or RAW, you get noise and detail that it's unsuable from all the noise. I watched the camerastore review of the firmware and damn that noise, gh4 can do better but not by much, better bring that speedbooster and that 1.4 lens if you want to shoot in low light, and forget about v-log. I would've wished for 10 bit 422 internally for better grading with masks, even if it was FHD. Panasonic already has my money, good stuff this new firmware, for some people.
  12. ​it's not the first time i hear about this, some people woried even for 4k. I am curios how can this be explained, in my understanding, a lens that can resolve, let's say a 36mp nikon sensor, nikon d800 or d810, that lens can be used for RED too. Also, the cinema lenses, from canon at least that cover FX sensor, are way bigger, a lot of glass compared to a photography lens at the same focal range, why can't they resolve 8K video ? I am curios for an explanation from a proffesional who worked with expensive lenses.
  13. ​with a base ISo of 5120 we would walk around with some thick ND filters, indoors we would be like, turn the god damn lights off, too much light!
  14. I hate rumors, if it's that big a deal of an update, why not say something concrete, something official from panasonic. V-log doesn't cut it for me, gh4 has such a shitty sensor that i doubt any flat profile could help improve the image, with high DR set in camera you get the most out the sensor already. I did some testing with jpeg's in bursts on a slider, difference from 4k was almost unnoticeable, of course i had more crop but i didn't get more DR or lower noise. What i am hoping for is RAW, 10 bit would be amazing.
  15. I'm not from US, 1000$ weddings from where i am is almost the highest you can go, it has nothing to do with quality or my understanding of the market, there is just no chance of getting more in a country where the average salary is about 300$ a month, unlles i move or advertise to richer parts of the world where i can charge 5k or more. Of course, if i would be in US i wouldn't do weddings for 1k, i would barelly survive.
  16. ​I do 1000$ weddings and can only take 20-25 a year, so i can't ever justify buying even one c300 mk2, let alone 2 or 3 as ideal for my needs. For US top weddings, something like ray roman does as someone mentioned him here, i think he can afford these cameras, so i see wedding videography using this but only at the highest level of work for this kind of bussines. Sure, features like raw and 400mb bit rate are overkill for wedding, but it's not like it can only shoot like that, the headline here is 4k on a 1.5 crop with great ISO and DR, this sounds exceptional for events. I don't see the filmakers market as an atractive one for canon and i don't think they targeted one specific market, seriously, filmakers rent, videographers buy it for good and are way more than filmakers.
  17. This is almost everything you would want in a 4k camera, right now, just amazing specs, except the price. At almost 16k $ this puts the camera in a different category, at least for me, i shoot weddings and it's impossible to justify this kind of camera for the prices i have. I might be wrong, but, in the long run this camera might lose it's resale value very very fast, with companies like samsung and panasonic that have nothing to lose ( they have no serious market share in any category, proffesional or consumer), anytime they could launch a little hybrid still/video GH or NX camera that does almost all of what c300 mk2 does and more, like 4k 60p. I hope i'm wrong and c300 mk2 has a long life, hardly the chance when samsung is serious about this and panasonic keeps pushing for more, right now nx1 is 1300$ body only on B&H. Still, amazing camera, right now this would be almost everything i would want for what i shoot, if someone here can justify the purchase, do it, it really is a very good camera.
  18. There's hardly any chance Canon will make a 4k camera, what would become of c100, c300 or worse, c500. So no, no 4k camera will come out of Canon this year or even in 2016.
  19. ​How would you know this and why would samsung agree to this ? magic lantern hacks features that are already there, features canon don't want to give or don't want to officially give because they can't guarantee it will work properly. On the other hand, samsung want to give it all, i see no reason to employ others when they can do it in house.
  20. One thing is overlooked when you adapt lenses, i too recently discovered this. It seems native lenses benefit from corected chromatic aberations, distorsions and vigneting, i knew it happens for photos but never thought it can happen for video too, too much processing and stuff. This is no small thing, if it happens when it's downsampled from 28mp then the hit to resolution is minimal or non-existant. So, adapted lenses start with a big disadvantage, no matter if the glass is top notch, in camera corected lenses come up better, sure there some exceptions like zeiss otus but that thing costs a car.
  21. You've seen what samsung did to apple with phones, man they are gonna bring chaos to the market with these little things, i love it ! I imagine a future where filming equipment is dirt cheap and only talent counts, i imagine samsung and panasonic is gonna do this for us because they have nothing to lose.
  22. Samsung and panasonic are ruining nikon's and canon's market, they give it all as soon as the tech is available, it must be very frustrating for them, hehehe. The number one question, why canon doesn't give in with the 4k and stuff, because they have a large base of clients, captive in their lens system, when it will be absolutely necessary, embarrassingly obvious they need to offer 4k, in that moment when people are at the point of selling every piece of canon glass, only then they will bring a cheap to make 4k camera, overpriced of course.
  23. I heard rumors that A7s have problems overheating, i want this for wedding videography so, does it overheat ? can i shoot a ceremony with it or no ?
  24. First of all, it might be too late for this camera to make any waves, it offers a good 1080p image, big deal, everyone is talking about 4k and proffesionals are one step away from purchasing a capable body for that, why invest in nikon. Now the big question, is this thing suitable for shooting video as it is ? i don't have it to test it so i have to ask, does it feature something to evaluate exposure in movie mode/live view ? does it have peaking ? if you don't have these 2 simple things then it's not a camera for shooting proffesional video.
  25. Nikon is uselles for video and it will stay uselles, i hope they die as a company at some point, photography tools have reached a point where nobody wants to upgrade, a 20-24 mp sensor is enough and from here there is litttle to no imporvement in DSLR's, d700 users have a hard time justifing an upgrade to a d800 with 36mp sensor, d3s users have almost no reason to get the d4 or d4s, almost the same low light performance. So what's left ? videographers, well, we don't care for nikon's misleading greedy marketing. There is one thing that kills nikon from the start, lens design, the curent mount needs a separate motor for changing aperture in live view, only a big body like d800/d810 or d4 can achieve this, all other DSLR's below these 2 can't change aperture in live view. This means Nikon will never be able to make a small body that drives the curent lenses properly in live view, all other manufacturers have motor in lens for changing aperture. Never ever trust what Nikon says, they always mislead people and they do it trough rumor websites too, the aperture problem was all known and couldn't be overcome because of the mechanical imposibility and yet the rumor websites were raving about some new firmwware that will fix this problem, well, years have passed :). Man i can't wait to get an A7s.
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