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Getting started again.


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Never tried them myself, but echo the Vitrox’s are supposed to be quite good.

Another option is the Fringer Pro adapter and when I used that for 2 years with the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 and Canon 50mm f1.8 ef, I found the AF actually better than with native Fuji f2 lenses.

I still have it and can sell it to you for a reasonable price if interested and in the EU? Just PM me if so.

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RIght on. I am enjoying my 18-55mm. The OIS is spectacular. Thats what gave me the idea of the T4~ So I could have IBIS on my old Zeiss stuff.

I use the Fringer and 18-35 combo, its alot of fun, but the AF is really jumpy and it hunts even after it finds focus, so for alot of run and gun work it was always stuck in MF mode. 

I was hoping to hear that the issue with Viltrox lenses and jumpy AF was fixed, that is a major bummer! Kinda crosses those off of the list. 

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TBH i would go buy the Sigma 24-70 2.8 EF OS if I knew the AF was going to be smooth. That plus the 18-25 1.8 would cover every usage case I would ever come across.

My experience so far is that it jumps, and doesn't really stick to faces so I 99% of the time use the zone AF, and its OK but still jumps a bit even when whats in the zone is perfectly sharp.


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The lumix S5 on a Gimbal should give you what you want, but its autofocus is less than stellar so that's just something to keep in mind if you're using it as a gimbal cam. 

Any Lumix s series cam is great for getting work done. The incredible IBIS allows you to shoot mostly handheld. The battery life is crazy long, like 3+ hours per battery and they have full Varicam v-log and V-gamut. So a true cinematic image. 

But for gimbals, I feel like the s5 is probably the most convenient. 

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