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Dulens APO Mini Prime Cinema Lenses


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Hi all

I just thought I'd share this with you, for those who may not know about these new lenses. They are called Dulens APO Miniprimes and come in PL or EF mount (they have interchangeable mounts) and cover "full frame" (as in 24x36, and apparently some even cover the 44x33 MF sensors).

All are f/2.0 and the T-stop (which will be marked on the lens) varies from T/2.3-2.6 depending on which lens.

72mm thread, 80mm OD. 270 focus rotation marked in both metric and imperial.

Right now they have/working on 21mm, 31mm, 43mm, 58mm, 85mm, and are discussing a 24/25mm and 120mm macro.

"VC coating" described as "very special rainbow flare and creamy bokeh." Their aim is to make lenses with some character and a more vintage aesthetic as opposed to clinical perfection.

THEY ARE NOT REHOUSED LENSES OR REDESIGNS. They are designed from the ground up.



"The 85mm (7elements in 6groups lens)

The 58mm (9elements in 8groups Double-Gauss type lens)

The 43mm (43mm F2 T2.1 is a 10elements in 8groups lens)

Not a copy of any existing Lens, but following the classic design and keep a same trend in tone and bokeh rendering with characteristics of Dulens Vintage Look."


The 43, 58, and 85 are shipping first in batches - right now they're only selling the 3 lens kit. It says "the Final market price for third batch would around 750USD" - unclear if this is for the entire batch or per lens. Wording sounds like the entire set, but that seems too good to be true. Unless they mean $750 each in the third round (batch) of sales. The first two rounds have sold out.

The first batch is due to ship out after this month but COVID may delay it a bit.

The third batch is still open for pre-orders as far as I know. Here's what they say to get on the list:



"Although the batch1/2 are already full booked, to make sure you can can join the future batch preorder you can send me the information below.





1.full name


3.Contact number

4.Contact email

5.your PayPal ID(PayPal email

How many set that you need

The colour that you choose

The mount that you choose

We can only provide 3lens set at this moment."



They have no website but here is a link to the Facebook post in their group that explains everything (including what I've described here). You can join the group there. That seems to be the only "website" presence they have, though you can email them obviously.


They seem to be working on a lot of different options and seem to be asking for a lot of feedback from people - regularly posting pics of lenses and different colors of the barrel/markings, etc, asking for input.

I'm very excited to get my hands on one and try it out. It's even cheaper than the SLR Magic APO Microprimes (which are my favorite budget cinema lenses) - those also cover "full frame" and are apochromatic, with a vintage-esque drawing style.

*I am not affiliated with them whatsoever, I just came across them and thought I'd pass it along*




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4 hours ago, Fairkid said:

It looks like the price is $750 dollars per lens (from a comment on the Facebook group).


That's what I assumed and only makes sense - that's still an incredible price for a non-rehoused cinema lens that covers at least full frame. Other than Rokinons, I can't think of any true cinema lenses (that cover FF) for that price. The new Meike FF-Cine primes are $959, the new DZOFilm Vespids are $1249, and the (fantastic) SLR Magic APO Microprimes and Irix Cine lenses are around $1200.

These also look to be lighter and smaller than other FF cinema lenses, which would bode well for smaller rigs and handheld or gimbal use.

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