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  1. Yes I hate the HDMI placement! It's exactly where my hand naturally wants to rest when hand holding the camera. Filmed again with the C70 today and it is very liberating (coming recently from BMPCC and Mirrorless) having it all in one box with great battery life, NDs and superb audio preamps. Colours are easy to work with and the dynamic range is very good.
  2. Yes mine is different to the other buttons in terms of its travel. The recess within which the button sits is smaller. Perhaps they designed it so you rock your lower finger over it whilst the top of the finger sits on the record button. I really like the camera so far too, the dynamic range seems excellent.
  3. I've had mine for a couple of weeks. My number 10 clicks but there is not much travel, my rear dial above the 'func' button is very loose. It is set to iso by default and I found myself changing values accidentally. I think I will disable it completely. I have used it on one shoot so far and I enjoyed using it.
  4. This is why ultimately the V-Lock battery comes into play again.
  5. I have the grip but it makes the camera unwieldy due to how tall it becomes. Also the connection is not rock solid so there is wobble when on a tripod. Lastly the battery indicator is not accurate so you can go from a fresh battery to a red battery in no time - the red battery might last a while but the anxiety kicks in.
  6. Also, the IR pollution with the internal NDs is annoying. Black becomes purple so IR filtration is something that needs to be factored in, which again adds to the rigging/accessory considerations.
  7. I have the 6kPro and think it's a great camera, easy to use and a great image, but realistically for the work I do, which is mainly corporate, it's overkill. I am not sure the file sizes are worth it when I know the client is happy whatever camera I shoot with. The battery situation is still not perfect either so I tend to power it via V mount which means rigging the camera. I also have a Panasonic S1 which I use on a gimbal and find it is more than enough as far as image quality is concerned. It does lack built in NDs though and the batteries only last an hour each. I am getting to the point where ease of use trumps ultimate image quality, so I am think about selling the 6k Pro and replacing it with a C200 or C70. I know this doesn't directly apply to you but I thought my experiences with the 6K Pro might be relevant to the conversation.
  8. I have been messing around with mine today too and have been really enjoying it. The feel in the hand is superb, very ergonomic and access to NDs in body is bloody revelatory. The weight is really nice, it feels more solid than my 4k. The screen is really useable even in bright light, colour tint on screen seems ok too. No major colour shift noticed in the footage with ND up to the full 6 stops though no scientific testing done. All in all I am really happy with it. I put on the Canon 24mm f2.8 is lens, stuck in a Cfast and was able to fit it into a small shoulder bag and head out for the day with one spare battery. Everything I needed was in the camera, very liberating.
  9. My screen looks really nice, no obvious blue tint. Got mine from CVP yesterday.
  10. Thank you Paul, I found them and ordered 6 which should do for a good days filming.
  11. Hi Paul, can I ask where you found the 3500mah Patina batteries. Hoping to get my unit from CVP in the next week. Thanks.
  12. It looks like the price is $750 dollars per lens (from a comment on the Facebook group).
  13. On the other side of the coin I just sold my mac after seven years of hard use producing paid for video content solely in FCPX. I got back nearly half of the initial cost and it's made me good money along the way. I have replaced it with another one.
  14. I have just done the same. Have been using the same decent spec imac for the last 6 years and been happy with it but since h265 arrived I have been generating a lot of proxies! I only use FCPX and Lightroom so hoping for big performance gains. Bit weird to think of a Mac Mini as an upgrade.
  15. Fairkid

    Fuji X-T4

    Yes, lots to the UK. Have had one problem with a lens which I sent back and got a replacement - this made me feel vulnerable as hell but they came good and all was well in the end. Definitely not the usual brick and motor experience but the savings are worth it IMO.
  16. Could be showing stills sequence shot at 20fps as per the commentary which might accentuate the warping?
  17. For me film is plain fun and I shoot all my personal photography on 35mm and medium format cameras. It helps to separate my day to day work stuff (product photography amongst other things) from my passion. There’s a lot to learn and a lot of experimentation which I enjoy. I like the results more than digital for family stuff, I spend less time in front of a computer and I love feel of the cameras. I like the delayed gratification of the development process and the anticipation of seeing the results. You can pick up a canon SLR for £10 and a roll of B&W for £5, lab development costs in the UK are £4 a roll and you can scan with a DSLR and an IPAD (light-table). Give it a go but go in gently I say.
  18. Does anyone know if you can record video in all internally recorded resolutions and frame rates to SD card?
  19. Just in addition to that the unit is in very good condition and is running the latest firmware. 




  20. Hello Ty,

    Sorry for the cold contact but I have recently acquired a Marantz PMD 661 recorder and noticed you use one through reading post on here.

    I have a concern with mine and wondered if you could let me know if this behaviour is normal or not.

    When powering up for the first time in a session it can sometimes take up to 20 seconds for the display to fire up. If I turn it off and then on again soon after this time is reduced to around 5 seconds. This is the same with AC or battery power (fresh batteries).

    Does this sound in line with your experiences?

    Many thanks,





  21. Hi Andrew, I wondered if you were still using your SL for video and if you still felt the video aspect of it was worthwhile. I am using Sony’s for work (FS7 & A7iii) but fancy something different for personal projects. I have Leica lenses already so sorted on that front, I have handled one an thought it very intuitive I am just hesitating in regards to the usability of the video in everyday scenes. Many thanks, Ben
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