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"America Is Beautiful" (Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad)

Sean Cunningham

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Yeah saw this too.  Nicely shot but strange message to say the least.



Not so strange.  Coke has embraced multiculturism in their marketing going back to at least the 1970s.  This is basically a variation on something like this:



...which were very successful ads here in the USA.  They represent people of the world but that's what makes up America.  Some people here forget that, which isn't too surprising since these folks, who will most certainly be right of center also get The Bible wrong and have a poor understanding of the "Founding Fathers" as well.  Everything is twisted the further you get to the right. 


But enough politics, Coke has a tradition here which the latest Super Bowl ad is consistent with and it was the prettiest ad for the whole schebang yesterday which will likely go down as one of the most disappointing Super Bowl commercial years ever.

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america the not so beautiful.



bill hicks had to die fucker kept planting seeds.



fact they put aborted human baby cells in coke drinks for a fuller flavor add gmo excrement 2.

the once called it aspertame probably sucralose now it literally is the waste excrement of gmo products.

now if those odd facts are true and the usa government knows that as fact and allows it.

is it any wonder bill hicks had to go.

pepsi and coca cola are satanic corporations the morons that drink it i say drink more.

buy more drink it.

keep drinking


the use of mexican children supplied to the old men of washington for fun times is legendary in so called elite circles.

the use of multiculturism as a way to destroy country community and society a sick slave agenda.

refugees make offer plentyful supply.

look at syria broken up by mossad,mi5 and the cia all those kids being rendered on private planes.

and we get a tear in the eye cos something was shot on film with an old bent lens.


google image iraq  usa depleted  uranium babies.

or google image  israel white phosphorus bombs

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Well, that's marketing.  Marketing is propaganda.  Americans eat up all manner of self-aggrandizing propaganda images that sell the myth of "America" that they agree with and/or have been indoctrinated to.  You don't have to be tuned in on Super Bowl Sunday to see all manner of back-patting, circle jerk, rah-rah images being sold and being used to sell to Americans.  


When they see those techniques and coded images used to try to sell an "America" that isn't their ideal there's sometimes blow-back, as this ad proves.  But the technique itself is propaganda while at the same time the essence of filmmaking.

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