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Development Update - AFX Focus Module For PBC


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Latest Firmware : AFX v1.7 for all camera types/Blackmagic Cameras With v7.3 installed


5 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

Slightly later than planned as a couple more things were added but AFX v1.7 is now available.

There is a quick run through of the new FOCUS RECORDER here :



The full release notes for AFX v1.7 are below :

(All camera types/Blackmagic Cameras With v7.3 installed)

  • New "FOCUS RECORDER" function to enable the real time recording and playback of up to two minutes of focus movements. The "FOCUS RECORDER" is accessed through the newly expanded "AFX ADJUSTMENTS MENU".
  • New "GLOBAL OFFSET" function to provide -20/+20 cm adjustment to compensate for mounting the AFX in a different position from the original calibration point. This function is global so affects all lenses and is in addition to the individual offset available when loading a lens. The "GLOBAL OFFSET" is accessed through the newly expanded "AFX ADJUSTMENTS MENU".
  • New "TURBO" option added to "CALIBRATION MODE" types to allow calibration at 50 ("PRECISION"), 25 ("FAST") and now 15 ("TURBO") points. Please note that although the AFX interpolation functionality obviously generates additional focus positions between these calibration points, it is recommended to use the PRECISION mode to provide greater accuracy with very wide aperture lenses.
  • Navigation between "CALIBRATION POINTS"can now be both forward and backwards by pressing the A button on the R1 to move forward and the B button on the R1 to move backwards.
  • Current "CALIBRATION TRACK" can be cleared and reset to its initial starting point by pressing the LOWER TRIGGER on the R1.
  • Navigation between manufacturer names in "CAMERA" and "LENS" fields can now be both forwards and backwards by a SHORT press of the A button on the AFX to move the the next name and a LONG press of the B button on the AFX to move to the previous one.
  • Inverted screen mode status is now stored as a global preference and recalled on each boot.


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There will be another production run when the lengthy lead times for components and, more importantly, the resulting price hikes for them have been resolved.

If you have contacted CDA-TEK with an enquiry about the AFX then you should be receiving an email update about it shortly.

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