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Olympus sells Imaging Business


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18 hours ago, noone said:

Has Olympus put a PDAF sensor in ANY camera other than the EM1 (1,2,3 and X)?    

I would love it if they did because I want as cheap a camera as I can find to adapt my two 43s DSLR lenses and they really need a PDAF camera (mine have issues so may not work at all or only partly so currently the lead candidate is a used EM1 mark 1).

History tells me they will not put it in any camera as it stands and might be a small part of what has killed them, to do so now would be too little too late and a bit of a WTF moment.

Fuji have PDAF in their entire lineup (XT-4 to X-A7), yes, Olympus is wrong.

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