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    • By Emanuel
      Doc shot mainly on RED cameras (90%+ of the film was shot on the Epic MX/Dragon), I am professionally involved throughout my activity as film producer and this unique endeavour with my veteran buddy Andrew Benz (Executive Producer and Cinematographer https://twitter.com/benzdigital) over 8 summers in Brasilia (Brazil) and the producer Sebastian Alvarez.
      Directed by Yoni Goldstein and Meredith Zeilke.
      One of 8 films selected by 2017 Dok.Incubator.
      Top prize, the Finishing Award, valued at over €12 000,00 to have credits and 2K SDR and 4K HDR color correction & DCP done in Luxembourg at Espera Studios.
      North American Premiere at True/False Film Festival 2020.
      International Premiere at Visions du Réel in their Burning Lights International Competition.
    • By JackHorror
      Olympus EM5 body costs: 800€
      Panasonic GH3 body costs: 1200€
      Both are shooting 60fps both have 16mp sensor.
      I believe that Olympus EM5 is the best camera for that price & that  it has the same video quality with the Panasonic GH3 (i am telling that cause i've seen a lot of compares), correct me if i am wrong!
      Here is a very nice Olympus EM5 video
    • By Matthew Marshall
      Ok so there was a previous forum thread regarding a rehousing project for the LA7200.

      Based off the video there, I have had this design in my mind for my own rehousing project and improvements as well for close focus and/or marrying the LA7200 with a manual focus lens and making an all in one lens solution for the Canon 5d Mark III.
      Progress is starting off well. Getting the hang of AutoCAD and designing as such.
      I am planning on first prototyping with a 3d printer I have access to then going to a further manufacturing step from there. Not trying to get too ahead of myself however you can keep track of the progress and id appreciate comments or suggestions regardless as I try to work this out.
      Design model in AutoCad --- 15% Port model into Google Sketchup 3D print prototype Test Prototype Test again.... Make changes... Probably test again.... Use AutoCad model for CNC machining Produce final model.  
      Planned features...
      Close Focus and far focus at a twist of the ring. Easy to handle enclosure Focus ring easy lens adjustment Standard housing to fit Cokin P or other diopters much easier  
      Possible features
      15mm rail mount auto adjusting focus solution Housing combined with Aperture adjustor on a Canon FD manual Lens Direct connection to the 5d Mark III basically making it a hack lens using a custom EF mount or 72mm thread AF confirm chip? (not a bad idea) All the lens flares! (ALL THE LENS FLARES!) Er multicoating removal. Something like that.  
      Close to exact Measurements via caliper - (short of cutting the existing enclosure in half. I could not get the measurements exactly for how close the back and front lens elements are in terms of distance)
      Front Element - Concave
      Width: 84.90mm
      Height: 72.96mm
      Depth: 16.25mm
      Rear Element - Convex
      Width: 52.96mm
      Height: 40.99mm
      Depth: 4.13mm
      Front Element Holder depth - 17.82mm
      Outer Hood Depth - 13.14mm
      Approx 23.8mm distance between the two lenses. (not entirely sure on this. Like I said, cant figure it out unless i cut the thing in half and really I want to be able to use it until the enclosure is finished at least)
      All in all, working pretty well so far. Got the elements into AutoCad, and its time to start designing the enclosure for it.

    • By Wit
      Today was a lovely day. The baby blue tits flew into the wide world and I tested some settings on my camera and my new ND filter. Hope you like the quick edit. I like my new ND fader.
      camera - Panasonic GH3
      lens - Panasonic 12-35 mm
      settings - Mov 50p, -5, -5, -3, -4 and no color grading
      filter - Light Craft variable fader ND digi Pro-Hd
      music - Cold summer landscape by Blearmoon
    • By Wit
      Today I had an extensive testing of the Sennheiser MKE400 microphone with my Panasonic GH3. I tried it in different settings (Highering and lowering the audio gain in and outside the camera) but it came with a disappointing sssss noise. When I used the mic with my Zoom H1 it was still there but lesser.
      Anybody knows what's causing this and got a solution? Thanx!
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