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  1. I'm very happy with my GH3, very good 60p and good codec. I think that the G6 can produce good images too (without MOV/50Mbs). Check that video, I've using a 12mm for the wide shots, I think that it's a not wide enough but that's working for me. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> And what about a fisheye ? Too much distortion ?
  2. A short edit from a pure sunny day with talented riders. Everything shot with the GH3, all Natural -5, -5, 0, -5, 1080p @ 50Mbs MOV I've used Olympus 12mm f2 and 45mm f1.8. Some shots with ETC mode, mostly handheld with the Aputure MagicRig. Edit in Premiere Pro CS6, some correction with Fast Color Correction. Your comments are welcome !
  3. If you mostly plan to shoot video, go on the GH3, it's superior everywhere (except the beautiful 5 axis). Better codecs, lots of settings and the GH3 is also very good for stills. I've got one and it's the better things I've bought yet, so happy with it.
  4. Hi everyone, This is my first real shoot on my new GH3. Report of a very cool snowboard contest in french Alps (Semnoz). Handheld with two prime lenses : Oly 45mm f1.8 and Oly 12mm f2. Edit in Premiere Pro only. Your comments are welcome! I'm a newbie, so I need advices. Thx
  5. I just come back here to tell you this guide is sick ! After read this I've learn a lot on the GH3. First test after Andrew's book reading very positive. Very happy what I've made with all the settings and tips give in the guide. Thanks Andrew.
  6. I've got my copy! Very interesting, really want to have it with me while I'm shooting. Another great work Andrew, thanks for all, I wait for it since I've got my GH3! Si happy, that's a nice christmas present!
  7. Hi,   Same problem 1 month ago solve by a nice GH3! So happy with it in both photo and video. If you wait one month I can back here and tell my feedback on photo/video. I'll leave two weeks for landscape photo and come back at end of september.
  8. Really love this little edit ! Like the transitions in movement and the quality of the footage.     Just few questions in relation to the above quote :   - How long did this edit take to you in comparaison with a "standard" edit ? - Does the hard/long workflow of RAW shooting is profitable ?   No sound, no possibility to synchronise... I think it's smell good for future but in my opinion, the standard DSLR have still good days.   We work with a 5D mk II and make some institutional works (not funny...) and all clients are very impressed by the quality of the videos. So more quality is always good but for "humans", it's already very good.   Thx
  9. Hi folks, First I really love this website, lot of informations and really good reviews and tests. Congratulations ! I've reading this preview with lots of attention because I currently want to buy a new camera, especially for filming. I love stills too and I don't want a bad one for that kind of purpose. I shoot a lot of snowboarding (need slowmo) and some iterviews. Things I've seen with the GH3 I love : - all the different codecs (1080p@50 50mb/s) - possibilities to configure fn buttons (a lot !) - timelapse feature - great dynamic range - good low light possibilities - headphone output - standard jack input mic - very good stills capabilities So my question is : do I really need a GH3 or the G6 is the new good camera ? I've got bucks for the gh3 but the price of the G6 could give possibilities to buy more lenses or battery... Excuse for my bad english I'm just french ;-) Thanks for your reply PS: example of what I shot with my 5DmkII (office camera )
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