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Sigma Fp review and interview / Cinema DNG RAW

Andrew Reid

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Yes I am fine with the technical talk. But we don't need some ultra dry conversation about Resolve hijacking the thread for 20 pages.

It's time to move on. Thanks for opening a new thread for it @Lars Steenhoff

But first I have a story to share with you about Mr Hook here.

When I used to be a Blackmagic user myself, I blogged this article:


Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 14.11.50.png

Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 14.11.33.png

A pretty positive piece on the whole but it does do a bit of investigative journalism as to why the firmware updates and black hole fixes weren't out for existing cameras yet and why Blackmagic introduced URSA before fixing the existing cameras.

The article clearly reached Blackmagic HQ and a damage limitation exercise began.

This was 2014 and the reason for "CaptainHook" joining the forum. His first comment? To lambast me for basic journalism. I had taken a screen shot of one of John Brawley's public Vimeo clips demonstrating how the black hole problem was fixed with an update. And here was Mr Hook trying to hack away at the article and get content removed from it.

Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 14.11.21.png


Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 14.10.45.png

Let me tell you all I do not put up with hostility like this from camera companies where it concerns freedom of speech.

And I don't react well to someone implying my article was shit and that nofilmschool covered the announcements better.

CaptainHook then flounced off the face of the earth for the next 4 years without a single contribution to the forum or PM to me.

Not once has he ever been in touch or at all friendly to me. I guess that is the job of the PR guy, huh?!

CaptainHook may say he is here 'on his own time'. And it may look like to you guys that he is helping Blackmagic pocket users "directly" with his high level of expertise and knowledge.

Actually it is purely marketing.

The guy is here to make Blackmagic look good.

And perhaps 'more connected' to their user-base.

They even have a guy spamming me Blackmagic news tip offs by email.

I do not accept advertising and sock puppets in the community especially not ones who are rude to me straight off the bat from 4 years back, or ones disguising themselves as an oracle or 'here for the users'.

If Blackmagic want to communicate directly with their users, there is a place for that. It is on their own website.

It should NOT be in the Sigma Fp topic on EOSHD.

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@Lars Steenhoff Hallo Lars, I only look at the one with the kid. I think the grading was not reavealing the strength of 12bit raw. This one looks very good indeed, which youtube suggested by auto. Nice natural colors rich tones and smooth gradations. Even in Rec709 which is still impressive enough to me for awesome delivery. :)



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Hallo peepz, thanks for posting videos. But let us check if some of them have not been posted already on the same page please. Also, some comments about the posted video would help us  to realize better why it is recommended to be watched. Thanks :) Let´s not flood our own threads with five videos in the row, unless they are about lighting:)

Edit: so many kids in the videos. My apologies, no reposts on this page. Sorry, friends about my mistake.

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I don't mind a few things, if they are of GOOD quality and informative. The problem is when people just dump any old shit into the thread just because it happens to be on the same topic. And I can't tolerate flooding every thread with clips and bumping posts with YouTube shit, for many reasons - firstly, that it encourages people to leave the site and watch stuff elsewhere, and not contribute, thus killing a topic here.

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I'm interested in learning how to best use Resolve with my FP footage. Not the uber deep technical stuff, just practical real world advice.

So far I've been getting nice results using default DNG, also BMD Film settings in a rec709 (non ACES) workflow.

People on Youtube like 'Crimson Engine' are helpful because they are testing all kinds of different combinations and discussing the results. If there is anyone else doing that I'd be happy to know. 

This thread has been very helpful too.

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10 hours ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

The sigma FP would probably be my next camera if it could do some kind of more compressed raw like 4:1 

Still very interesting though the Panasonic S1 is hard to beat at $1500 

S1 a lovely and fun camera. Still shooting 8bit with it due to lack of the vlog update. Colour is outstanding in its REC709 profiles. Would have loved a 25p 4:3 mode with full height of the sensor instead of the cropped 6K photo mode. Would love to see actual shorts with the Sigma FP. Silent or with sound, doesn´t matter, but a bit more of the visuality of fiction or essayistic or experimental films. I mean, this camera is indeed the full frame pocket cinema camera, Andrew and others have been mentioning. Anyone in Berlin I can borrow one from?:)

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17 hours ago, Lars Steenhoff said:



This is an interesting bit in the current times - that the fp can act as a standard webcam via its USB-C interface and be used for live streaming and teleconferencing without any extra hardware.

So here comes the question: To do that, one would normally power the camera from an AC adapter - which is not included in the standard camera package. Sigma offers the SAC-7P as an extra camera accessory which consists of an AC adapter + a dummy battery for the camera. But it costs around $/EUR 80 and is hardly in stock anywhere.

Since the Sigma fp's BP-51 battery is principally the same as Panasonic's DMW-BLC12 (yeah, the same battery as in the good old GH2...), I wonder whether one couldn't just buy a Chinese third-party BLC12 dummy battery + AC adapter which are readily available on a number of web shops (Amazon, AliExpress...) for only about $/EUR 28.

This of course would be handy for other shooting situations, too. And since some of those BLC12 third-party dummy battery adapters work with USB power, this would mean that one should be able to power the fp with USB power banks!

It sounds good in theory, but I wouldn't want to brick my camera if it doesn't work in practice...

Has anyone here tried this out yet?


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3 minutes ago, Lars Steenhoff said:

I'm using some cheap batteries and they work just fine,  so I think the Chinese third-party BLC12 dummy battery + AC adapter  will work just fine

Are these batteries branded as BP-51 (Sigma) or as BLC12 (Panasonic) replacements? I'm asking because I'm still not sure whether the two battery types are really 100% compatible.

(Fuji's early DSLRs, for example used nominally the same batteries as Nikon DSLRs from which their bodies were derived, but those batteries were incompatible nevertheless because of some internal chip.)

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This is interesting, because on your copy it says 7.4 volts while the specification for both the original Panasonic BLC12 and the Sigma BP-51 is 8.4 volts.

If it's possible to power the camera with only 7.4 volts, then you could likely also connect the dummy batteries to Sony NP-F batteries (which have 7.2 volts) - and this would open up wholly new possibilities for using the fp on long shooting gigs.

But I leave it here, because at this point all this is speculative and we need to see whether and how it works in real life.


P.S.: Is this a SmallRig cage in the background? Does it work well for you on your fp?

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