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SmallHD Monitors: Share your "Custom Scale" settings (for anamorphic shooting)


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We are already discussing monitors that allow for proper anamorphic monitoring here: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/1832-monitors-for-2x-and-15x-stretch-preview/


But I thought that it would be useful to have one thread where we all share our Custom Scale settings for anamorphic monitoring (especially since Magic Lantern has brought back 4:3 shooting in raw mode at assorted resolutions).


For those unfamiliar with this feature, the best description that I have found is in the manual for the old DP1: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/gallery/album_14/gallery_18451_14_22383.png

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not sure if anyone mentioned it before, but smallhd has a shared googledoc for their customers abt anamorphic settings for their custom scale.

this is what i got from dave from smallhd a few months ago.

"Update for Case #SC29836 - "anamorphic custom scales"

Its still a work in process but here is the spreadsheet we have made so far


Take a look and see if it makes sense


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not sure if anyone mentioned it before, but smallhd has a shared googledoc for their customers abt anamorphic settings for their custom scale.



This is great. It looks like it covers all of the bases in terms of 1920x1080 and lower resolutions, which is all most anamorphic/SmallHD users will need. I had no idea of the existence of this document. Thanks for sharing it!


Now we can start talking about stretching in-camera 4:3 from the ML Canon DSLRs to anamorphic ratios.  ;)

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It does work I found the settings for their EVF DP4 were not great as it cut off the ends of the footage which I mean you would want to see for framing. I ended up keeping my settings which squeezed rather then stretched, the only issue I get is this noise a the bottom of frame. Also if you go to far the image will lock up. Ive talked to Smallhd awhile ago about this and they said it was currently an issue with the smaller DP4, it could be fixed by now, I should check mine tonight. I hope so as its such a great small monitor to take around for my kind of shooting.

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Monitoring in 2x on the AC7 while shooting with a 2x anamorphic lens (1344x1008 source; stretches to 2688x1008):


Start with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio, then input:



HSIZE: 500

VSTART: 1710

VSIZE: 500


*This was a bit roughed in. I am seeing a little more on the top and bottom than I am recording (8 or 9 pixels above and below my final image).

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On my DP6 the custom anamorphic scaling works just fine for monitoring. But what about the distorted image while recording on my 5D MKII? The DP6 works fine in factory recording preset but not in custom anamorphic settings. Is there any workaround?


There is a firmware update coming.

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