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Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera

Andrew Reid

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I know it's an old thread and I could read all 41 pages, but it's quicker to ask...and this thread has not been updated since the most recent firmware and that's part of my question which is...

S5 user here and I need another body for wedding work. I'm OK with what I have for commercial/personal projects, but beyond that, have an actual need.

I am currently weighing up whether to go for a second S5 or go S1H and make that my primary hybrid with a video bias and the S5, also a hybrid, but with a more photo bias.

The specific questions I have are:

How does the 5.4k 25p footage compare with 4k 25p? Specifically 5.4k because the 3:2 format appeals because I would like to pull stills from it.

I've been pulling stills successfully from 4k 50p footage with my S5 and intrigued by how much extra quality there will be in a file measuring 5400 pixels over one with 4000.

Second question is how is the AF at 5.4/6k 25p since the most recent firmware update.

4k 25p is definitely not as 'good' as 4k 50p on my S5 so sure it would be similar for S1H?

No, not interested in an S1 before anyone asks. 

It's a fine line as it is between S5 and S1H, all factors considered and the ONLY reasons I'm looking at the S1H are; better video quality shooting 5.4k 25p with anti-aliasing filter over 4k 25 or 50p with my S5, plus the rear screen (I really prefer my screen to be centred with the lens) and the cooling/fan would be a bonus as it can get very hot (40 degrees+ and in direct sun for hours on end) where I live and work.

Even used, it's near double the price of the S5...though I do have a (prime) lens use case for 3x S5's as a possible alternative.

If it makes any difference, I'd be using the 24-105mm f4 most of the time with the S1H but if I go the S5 route, other than ceremony, L Mount primes.

I'd appreciate any relevant info/feedback!

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