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DJI Ronin-SC or Zhiyun Weebill Lab?


DJI Ronin-SC or Zhiyun Weebill Lab?  

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  1. 1. Which to choose? DJI Ronin-SC or Zhiyun Weebill Lab?

    • DJI Ronin-SC
    • Zhiyun Weebill Lab

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Hey guys, need some advice from you. For the longest time I've been eyeing the Zhiyun WL. It's only recently I found out some good things about DJI. I used my friend's Ronin-S and I loved it. Yesterday I saw the new Ronin-SC came out, so now wondering if that's more worth buying than the Zhiyun Weebill. I made a points system to help (convince) myself, please lemme know what you think:

Ronin-SC is compatible with more cameras. My secondary camera is a EOS R, so this is cool for me, +1 for Ronin.

The maximum payload of DJI Ronin-SC is only 2 kilo. Zhiyun Weebill lab holds 3 (wow!). +1 for Weebill.

Tracking: DJI got a new ActiveTrack system. I liked the Smoothtrack function from Ronin-S. The new system should be better right? Zhiyun's Object tracking has not had a major update since launch, and doesnt seem like its selling pt. So +1 for Ronin.

Stability: well, I heard DJI's drones are great, so I have faith in its Sport Mode stabilization, but I've never used it. On the other hand, I tried Zhiyun's Phonego Mode, so i'm gonna give this one to Weebill +1.

DJi has this "Quick Release" function, with a "memory slider". What is this thing?? for easy locking and unlocking the axes? Unsure. +0

ForceMobile: another function I saw for the Ronin, should give better control of frames by allowing movement control using smartphone. +1 for Ronin

Last, Weebill just sounds cooler to me than Ronin ? +1 for Weebill

Sorry for the long post. But now you see my dilemma, 3 vs 3. which one to choose? Or should i wait for something better? I trust you know DJI better than me, please lemme know what you think. Thanks!

(P.S. found out Ronin-SC to be alot cheaper. Only$439 on its official site (nothing on amazon yet), it’s $160 cheaper than Weebill's $599 on amazon. Is the DJI site reliable though? I feel that it's too good to be true. how's the shipping experience?)

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

I have both and for me regardless of specs the Ronin-SC supports more weight.  For one of my cams the z6 and 24-70 f4, the webill is at the absolute limit and a bit shaky but the ronin sc handles it no problem.

As well the xt3 only works with the lightest of lenses on the webill (16mm f2, 35mm 1.4) but the ronin-sc handles more of the heavier lenses.  Although still would need the ronin-s for very heavy ones.

Think it's the distribution of weight.  The ronin-sc seems to handle higher lens weight vs the webill.  You mentioned eos-r, I think the webill could do the canon 40mm pancake and maybe ? , but anything else will likely give problems on the webill.  I had the 6dmkii and the 40mm pancake on the webill and was ok.

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I predict that Weebill price cut is defenitly coming. It was overpriced in the first place. From the review of Weebill I took that it is not very stable compared to other gimbals. I personally would add Moza Aircross 2 to choose from. It is coming soon too and will be in very light catergory, having some nice features (like tuning gimbal speed on the fly without the need to dig into setting via phone, usual high stability from Moza, both arca and manfrotto compatible plate, vertical video support, etc). But from those two, DJI SC looks like a more favorible and cheap option. 

I wish they made a light gimbal with a video signal transfered from a mounting base into gimbal by a WIRE and then to the phone by a WIRE again, not wireless. That would be really dope. Using usb tethering that is possible to achieve I guess. Hate those laggy unstable lowres wireless solutions. Theu have it on Ronin-S, but they cut it down on SC sadly.

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Definitely SC, i used to have weebill but sold it and got S to fly my S1 and Eos R.

There is still features missing in action that is stated on their promo and a silent update on weebill (so there is a secret new version that they dont want people to know about) .

But yeah it is nicknamed wobble for a reason, it is not as stable as the ronin which is much more smoother when u fly the cam.

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Weebil Lab was awesome at first because of its very portable size and being able to lock all axis. I had one around (along with my Ronin-S) for long-term travel work, but it is not nearly as strong and stable as the Ronin-S. Just tested the Ronin-SC and it seems much stronger. And it has the locking axis! Which, outside of the weight, was the main reason I loved the Weebil.

Go with the SC. 

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