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  1. Magenta skin tones in low light often happens when using auto white balance in any camera. Are you setting a custom white balance? or manually setting the wb kelvin to taste ? I prefer the cool blue look at night sometimes with a kelvin < 3k. Regarding the jitter... Are you whipping the camera around ? Move slowly when panning depending on the shutter angle and fps. Or maybe you mean your computer can't handle 4k and in that case stick with hd, or render proxies. The xt30 doesn't have ibis so use a tripod if possible. Otherwise you can try the xh1 which does have ibis but auto focus is little bit worse than the xt30.
  2. "I have also Atomos ninja flame, but I don’t use it too much, because it’s heavy to carry." I would skip the Nikon Z6 essential movie kit with Atomos recorder V cage and cables. 99.9% of the time I'm happy with the image inside the camera, and also find the atomos V to be heavy and unnecessary in most cases.
  3. There is a fuji summit x summit in shibuya, JP on Sep 20. Supposedly on the rumor sites a new mysterious fuji cam has been registered, and at last years summit they took feedback on future xt3 firmware and said they would implement one. So rumors at the moment.
  4. I would wait till September 20 when fuji is announcing some new stuff. Likely xt3 firmware and maybe new cams.
  5. Sounds like the xH1 would be an option. Just about the same as the xt3 with IBIS, and can use the same lenses. I have all 3 xh1, z6, xt3. I use the xh1, z6 more due to the ibis and ergonomics. Prefer the color from the fuji's. But the z6 kills it in extreme low light which may not be important. The little xt30 is a nice budget/light option for living on a gimbal as well.
  6. As long as in moderation it's nice. Kinda like drone shots. However, recently I've been thinking... For those of us that like taking photos and personal project video from time to time. Is slomo like the nice medium between those 2 art forms? I think for family/personal stuff it's really nice and could be a good intermediate format between photo/video. Especially when there is nothing interesting dialogue wise.
  7. Not to get too off topic but you mentioned the blackmagic micro cinema camera. Everytime I use it I think I should just throw all my other cameras (z6, xt3, etc) in the trash. For me too it has the best look to it by far. But, you really have to work to use that camera with all of it's quirks. Folks say you can soften modern cameras in post, but I've never seen good examples of that to match something like the bmmcc. I wish BM or another co. would just package that same sensor into a newer body with all the ergonomics and battery life of a modern cam.
  8. I have both and for me regardless of specs the Ronin-SC supports more weight. For one of my cams the z6 and 24-70 f4, the webill is at the absolute limit and a bit shaky but the ronin sc handles it no problem. As well the xt3 only works with the lightest of lenses on the webill (16mm f2, 35mm 1.4) but the ronin-sc handles more of the heavier lenses. Although still would need the ronin-s for very heavy ones. Think it's the distribution of weight. The ronin-sc seems to handle higher lens weight vs the webill. You mentioned eos-r, I think the webill could do the canon 40mm pancake and maybe ? , but anything else will likely give problems on the webill. I had the 6dmkii and the 40mm pancake on the webill and was ok.
  9. Awesome, I'm still rocking an x-e3 with a 27mm pancake lens. Love that little guy's form factor and awesome IQ. I rotate between the x-h1, x-t3, and the z6, but the x-e3 is a great little cam and easy to take as an every where carry.
  10. I have both xt3 and xh1, and glad I picked up the xh1. For casual walkaround stuff especially with primes think the xh1 is the better choice, and ergos ie the grip is better too.
  11. Hmm, I would say never worry about what other people are doing or not doing. Replace all the "you" references, and put "I" in there if you want to give better advice imho. -> for example, I think doing x,y,z would make a video better. And lastly, feel free to make a video with above advice instead of text. It's harder than it looks Personally I just itch to make something even if it's not perfect. Got use these awesome tools for something. If some folks enjoy the content all the better.
  12. I have the same combo (just recently got the ninja v). I can confirm that 4k60p works fine. I'm using the hdmi cable from atmos.
  13. ha ha. true. got have that new new. One thing that intrigues me about the eos rp is that it's light, and potentially can fit on the webill lab gimbal with the 35mm easily (6dii works with the pancake 40mm on the webill). waiting to see if it has clog though. so upside is it's light, but downside also is it's light, meaning it won't be as stable for handheld as the 6d and might have to stay on the webill all the time.
  14. It does work with the x-t3 as far as supporting the weight, but depends on the lens. The 14mm and the 35mm 1.4 work fine. The 23mm 1.4 works ok if you are careful. The 10-24 is about the weight limit and works just ok as long as you don't move to fast or use the vortex mode. I'm also using it with my 6dmkii and it works with the 40mm pancake lens. The reason I like it is it's light for travel, but you just have to be aware of the weight limitations for heavy setups.
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