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  1. I would buy a gx85 with gh5 internals Ive been loyal to Panasonic but i think they want me to leave for sony so badly i be a fool to keep believing now
  2. i have 5900x 2060 64gb of ram i have S1 playback on timeline is no problem. i can even color grade while play back in Realtime same with my Mavic 2 drone footage which my old pc had a tough time playing on timeline. Never tried stacking footage but I'm sure it can handle it
  3. yeah me too its small diameter wire https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1488896-REG/zilr_zrhaa01_4kp60_hyper_thin_high.html
  4. so now the S5 has a compatible battery with the gh5 which is great because i have a GH5 but i wanted to get rid of the GH5 because i also have an S1 and thinking of getting an S5 and i still have two battery types what the hell Panasonic. we need one battery type! I hope they give us S1 owners an firmware update because it doesn't look like a good option with an S5 here. Does it feel like the S5 make the S1 look like a rip off
  5. i seriously never use the evf when i shoot video, i dont want the evf sky rocketing the price.
  6. if it had pdaf i would would go all in. i have no native lenses
  7. whats wrong with F2.8 seems fine to me. now if this thing has 10bit it might catch my eye but i have no reason to keep getting a drone every year.
  8. Sweet thanks for the heads up ninja v on sale been waiting to buy one hard to pass up on that price.
  9. if this thing is real. im going to dtich my sony no 10bit and panasonic no autofocus and hopefully have one system
  10. only thing i like about weebill was the compact size. it was shaky tho so i got rid of it maybe i will scoop up a ronin sc now
  11. OMG please panasonic give us this. I thought for sure the S1 would have this
  12. So the S1 does not have Ex tele conv mode for video? because i cant find it this is what made the GH5 so good
  13. once you use ibis as good as gh5 its hard to want to shoot with something without it. Thats why i got the S1 its like a gh5s but FF and ibis
  14. i really want a gx size camera with 422 and 10bit
  15. yeah i have same problem my zhiyun worked great out the box but the ronin s you have to dial your settings in
  16. i was watching him he was one of the first to get a gh5 he had like barely 1000 subscribers
  17. The Moza air 2 is looking good too lighter and cheaper than Ronin s. Also Brandon Li i believe uses the Moza air, im tempted to get an aircross i want something small
  18. this news is making want to me sell all my sony ff gear ASAP Im Ready
  19. i hope it has good autofocus i will get rid of my a7iii and lenses asap
  20. i have both lenses the sigma is bigger and heavier than the tamron its hard to handle on the gx85. The tamron feels good on the a7iii not to heavy both are really sharp autofocus is really fast
  21. its funny how panasonic is the more video orientated camera but olympus lenses are better for video with the manual clutch and look better too
  22. you think i should add the voigtlander 42.5 to my kit? ive been eyeing the 45 pro oly but i already have the 17.5 that picture makes me think twice about going oly id wish they would do switchable mounts so i can use on a mft camera too
  23. this looks like my next camera
  24. so you need battery grip to extend recording time? this is crap i wanted to like this camera and 20 minutes for hd really?
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