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Panavision announce new Electronic ND Filter, powered by built-in battery

Andrew Reid

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Nice.  Maybe this tech will be included in the forthcoming Panny FF Cinema camera, or the GH6 perhaps?

5 hours ago, buggz said:

Didn't "our" BTM_Pix have something like this in works?

It's hard to keep up...

I think so.  Not sure how far it got though.

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1 hour ago, kye said:

I think so.  Not sure how far it got though.

To the fully working in electric blue case with separate bluetooth remote controller stage thank you very much ;)

I'm looking for some bigger glass as there is currently a limitation on the size of lens it is suitable for.

I did say I'd do a build along thread for it for anyone who wants to have a go as is (cost for the glass and controller is around £50-60) and I will get round to it.


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