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Which lens used best on Iscorama (early 36, 1968) with MKIII

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I just have bought a Canon 5DMKIII and am experimenting with the RAW hack. As a Anamorphic lover i would like to pair my 1968 Iscorama x1.5 (m42 mount with the original 50mm f2.8) with the MKIII. Coming from a GH2 crop sensor world and new to the FF world i would like to ask for some advise. On the GH2 i used the Helios 44-2 and a old FD50mm as the taking lens. Not so keen on the Helios....


Which (old) manual lens would be a great combination on the MKIII? (As a taking lens)

Love the flares of my Iscorama so i am looking for a non/single coated solution.

Any experiences?


Never used the MKIII with the Magic Lantern anamorphic combi yet. Is the hack de-squizing live, even in the RAW mode? 


Hope that you guys are willing to share some thoughts.


Thank you in advanced.

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Why don't you want to use the helios?


are you looking for a tighter lens to match the feel on FF? Jupiter 9 is a 85mm lens, vintage russian like the helios so should perform similarly on full frame as a helios 44 on m43rd

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Hey Wilco!


Let's start with lens pairing: I use my Isco combined with russian glass (Helios 44, Jupiter 9 and Tair 11). Never needed anything other than these three, and never had any problems regarding image quality. The Helios and Jupiter have a "trick" to identify the single coated version: they are the ones with the "finger" dents on the focus ring. The perfectly round bodies are already MC (or at least, I read that somewhere and did work for me).


Desqueezing live works, but since it eats a lot of camera processing power, this will end up limiting how many frames you can get while raw recording. I would suggest using an external monitor for the desqueeze, like Zacuto's, SmallHD, or the one that best fits your budget. If you're not recording raw, but h264 or still photos, ML's desqueeze is a great tool. Too bad it doesn't work in playback. :(

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Thank you guys! 


Will try to find a good Jupiter to experiment with. Have a SmallHD monitor as well so i will hook it up.

Which RAW settings did you use using the 1.5 x anamorphic? 


Have a nice day!

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