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  1. Nikon will present another Fullframe camera. The rumor says it will be focused on "action". Nikon currently has 3 new FF bodies that cover all the stills photography needs (d610,d810,d4s) If you read forums like dpreview you know the limited mentality and the consecuent feelings that a lot of consumers have towards video . The response to this was the nikon Df without video features, so it would make perfect sense for Nikon to release a more video/speed focused camera. I personally hope it has an oled placed inside the viewfinder in case you want to shoot with electronic shutter, 4K v
  2. Hi   I just have bought a Canon 5DMKIII and am experimenting with the RAW hack. As a Anamorphic lover i would like to pair my 1968 Iscorama x1.5 (m42 mount with the original 50mm f2.8) with the MKIII. Coming from a GH2 crop sensor world and new to the FF world i would like to ask for some advise. On the GH2 i used the Helios 44-2 and a old FD50mm as the taking lens. Not so keen on the Helios....   Which (old) manual lens would be a great combination on the MKIII? (As a taking lens) Love the flares of my Iscorama so i am looking for a non/single coated solution. Any experiences?
  3. I'm doing a compilation of tabletop lighting tents/booths for the photography of small subjects,. I found this..... [url="https://www.facebook.com/PlexiTent"]PlexiTent[/url] [url="https://vimeo.com/47178587"]https://vimeo.com/47178587[/url] Anyone know of others that are really good and not remakes of the famed 'Ikea Hamper' ? The article I'm writing is about jewelry / luxury good photos. Thanks!
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