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  1. Nikon will present another Fullframe camera. The rumor says it will be focused on "action". Nikon currently has 3 new FF bodies that cover all the stills photography needs (d610,d810,d4s) If you read forums like dpreview you know the limited mentality and the consecuent feelings that a lot of consumers have towards video . The response to this was the nikon Df without video features, so it would make perfect sense for Nikon to release a more video/speed focused camera. I personally hope it has an oled placed inside the viewfinder in case you want to shoot with electronic shutter, 4K video is a must to be taken seriously, maybe even 120fps 1080p. That would be some action camera. Although the current guessed specs say 24mp, the A7s sensor would be the obvious choice for this. These are the guessed specs: 24MP full frame sensor Tilting LCD screen Wi-Fi support Expeed 4 imaging processor Very light body (probably similar to the D610 and Df, maybe even lighter) Priced around $2,500 (the current Nikon FX camera price points are - D610: $1,896.95, Df: $2,746.95, D810: $3,296.95, D4s: $6,496.95) Potential announcement at the end of August or early September No idea on the model name - it could be D620, D750 or something completely differen http://nikonrumors.com/2014/08/11/the-upcoming-nikon-full-frame-dslr-camera-will-be-marketed-as-an-action-camera.aspx/ Maybe Andrew is already shooting it and that's the reason why he isn't showing up on the forums :P
  2. Hi   I just have bought a Canon 5DMKIII and am experimenting with the RAW hack. As a Anamorphic lover i would like to pair my 1968 Iscorama x1.5 (m42 mount with the original 50mm f2.8) with the MKIII. Coming from a GH2 crop sensor world and new to the FF world i would like to ask for some advise. On the GH2 i used the Helios 44-2 and a old FD50mm as the taking lens. Not so keen on the Helios....   Which (old) manual lens would be a great combination on the MKIII? (As a taking lens) Love the flares of my Iscorama so i am looking for a non/single coated solution. Any experiences?   Never used the MKIII with the Magic Lantern anamorphic combi yet. Is the hack de-squizing live, even in the RAW mode?    Hope that you guys are willing to share some thoughts.   Thank you in advanced.
  3. I'm doing a compilation of tabletop lighting tents/booths for the photography of small subjects,. I found this..... [url="https://www.facebook.com/PlexiTent"]PlexiTent[/url] [url="https://vimeo.com/47178587"]https://vimeo.com/47178587[/url] Anyone know of others that are really good and not remakes of the famed 'Ikea Hamper' ? The article I'm writing is about jewelry / luxury good photos. Thanks!
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