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Tascam DR-10C - Stopped working


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Yes, the mic output (the one on the top of the unit rather than the headphone output) is used to pass the input out to a transmitter so you can have the best of both worlds of a wireless setup with the recorder being a backup.

I don't have a DR10 but I when I was looking at getting one this was one of the aspects that I liked and thought it would be useful to troubleshoot as the headphone output will be post the input and the processing whereas the mic output should be before the processing.

This comment from an owner under a Cinema5D piece about them should help eliminate whether it is the physical input that is broken or whether the problem is in the subsequent processing as it should be passing signal even without the power on.


The mic output will not be sufficient to drive a pair of headphones so you will need to connect it to the mic input of your camera or laptop etc to hear it.

If you can hear sound when you do that (and even if you can't actually as you'll need to do something else ;) ) the manual provides instructions in how to remove the top plate to change the connector types and I think it would be well worth you checking the connector (noted as B in the instructions) as that looks a very obvious place for a problem to occur between the input/output ports and the main unit.


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