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I am a long time reader, and I need help choosing a new camera. I currently have a GH2 (selling with pana/Leica 25mm). For my next camera, I need it to meet the following specs. Lightweight (will be on a glidecam hd 1000 with a rode video mic), mic jack, 1080 60p, RAW burst 5+ fps for 20+ frame, and high detail for stills. Currently I am considering the gh3, but I wanted to know how it compares to the g6. I was looking at the nex 7 also, but its burst is a gimmick and its video quality seems to lag behind others.

The primary applications will be action sports video (freestyle skiing), panoramas, and sequences (fast burst with entire jump in shot showing each step of trick). GH3 is at the top of my budget, but if the g6 offers similar performance in these areas, that may be preferable.
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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

the g6 to my eyes has a more detailed image - it is simply stunning

I dont know how Panasonic have done it but they have done some very clever tweeking with the codec to make superb images at a standard file size - my gh2 is running 1 gig per minuite with the hack - huge files compared to the g6

The g6 straight out the box on a lower bit rate is producing a better image ! simply stunning work by Panasonic !

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the advice.  I heard it was great for video, but I can't find much information on continuos shooting with the G6.  Specifically, what is the speed, and how big is the buffer? I know that the GH3 will meet my needs for continuos shooting, but if I can get the results I need with a G6, that would be awesome.  

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