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5DtoRGB Lite for Converting Video Footage?

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All of the links are broken; but from what few examples I've seen and from what I've heard, this tool is great for both converting, upscaling, and downscaling DSLR video footage while keeping as much data/information as possible...

Does anyone have a mirror for this program, or can someone who has it upload it somewhere please? I've been trying to find it but it's seemingly impossible with just Google, the Rarevision webpage has a 5DtoRGB page and the guide for the lite version in pdf form, but no download link! Every link that I can find on the internet is either dead or leads someplace terribly awful!

I really want to try it out for improving my h.264 footage!

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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Really—somebody has to have 5DtoRGB Lite! I already emailed Rarevision's Thomas Worth, and I got no reply; seems as though he's much more concerned with his VHS camcorder app these days (which is fine, it's a good app... but still, where the heck did 5DtoRGB go?!)

 Please, please, all I'm asking for is for anyone at all to upload the lite (free) preferably OS X version of 5DtoRGB to mediafire or dropbox or something, so that I can try it for downscaling footage. I think it would be a very cool app to have.

It has become literally impossible to find. I would really appreciate a download for this free transcoding software.

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I had it somewhere. As soon as I'll find it, I can obviously post. Not promises though. It is archived in some hard drive, no idea where to be pretty sincere to you : ) Great tool BTW : -)

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Yes I hear it is quite a good tool Emanuel! Good luck finding it.

I do not mean to seem ungrateful to anyone else,


Unfortunately Lars, I do not have Magic Lantern MLV files to work with... Nothing from that app says anything about .MP4 files. I have MP4 files. I don't think mlvapp is the one I want...

Thanks webrunner5, but I already found that one. It's for Windows unfortunately, (a .exe file)  I have a Mac.

Andrew Reid, I downloaded RAW Magic Lite to try that as you have suggested. It states in the description that it "converts RAW video files from Magic Lantern's Canon EOS series modification to CinemaDNG." And I am sure it does it very well, but that is all it states that it does. On top of this, there are only two buttons. Add files, and convert. And I cannot add any files, because it does not seem to take .MP4 files. It does not seem to be anything at all similar to 5DtoRGB.

So I don't have any RAW video files, and I don't want CinemaDNG as an output. RAW Magic Lite is a different tool than what I am looking for. I have standard 8 bit h.264 video files, and I just want to be able to shoot that and transcode straight out of camera footage with 5DtoRGB's different features applied, if needed, to the final output.

5DtoRGB, as described on the website:

Now uses Apple AVFoundation for ProRes encoding (1.5.12)

Higher quality output than Canon's E1 plugin [compare]

Ability to recover missing highlight detail with many cameras

DPX, ProRes and DNxHD output (DPX & ProRes Mac only, DNxHD Windows only)

Near perfect color compatibility with the Adobe CS5.5 Suite

Technicolor CineStyle LUT Support

Support for Canon EOS series HDSLRs

Support for Panasonic HDSLRs

Output at different frame rates (good for overcranking effects)

Command line / shell scripting support

Raw YCbCr output option for unprocessed luma channel extraction

OpenGL custom shader support

Timecode support

It doesn't see like RAW Magic Lite offers a single one of these options... I am sorry if I am not making sense, I am just a little bit frustrated that the tool has become very hard to find!

I would be quite thankful indeed Emanuel, if you do manage to find it.

Thank you all. Cheers

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Thank you Lars, but none of the search results lead to a download of 5DtoRGB Lite; All of the sites claiming to offer a download either bring me to rarevision's website for the download (which there is none, as I said before, just the user guide pdf files) or to a broken Mac App store link. (the item does not exist on the app store.) There is no 5DtoRGB on the App Store. This is strange to me, because the link has "5DtoRGB" in the name. No version of 5DtoRGB, the Lite version or the batch version, is visible in the list of Rarevision's apps on the app store either!

This all aside; I am looking for the Lite version, not the batch version... but I am very grateful for your assistance.

Using the Wayback Machine (screenshot attached) you can see that the rarevision 5DtoRGB website offered a clear download solution for both Mac and Windows; this is no longer present on the website. Try visiting the 5DtoRGB website and compare it to the older snapshots of the site. The success of Thomas Worth's VHS Camcorder app's seems to have granted him ascension to heights far above the meagre desires of the online camera community's video shooting userbase. This is most unfortunate!

Therefore I would be very, very appreciative if anyone at all could upload the Mac version 5DtoRGB Lite; thank you all very much for your help. Please tell me if I missed something Lars, but I couldn't find a working download of 5DtoRGB Lite for Mac using your google search.

Cheers and good wishes.


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https://www.dropbox.com/s/spm7er1jjz32gyu/5DtoRGB Lite.zip?dl=0

Hope this works!

I never found much use for it. I used it on some dSLR and C100 files to bring the super whites into legal range and smooth the color channels before working in After Effects (I didn't want to work in float), but I don't think it has upscale/downscale options and I generally just used the default utility in FCP7 for my dSLR footage because it was faster and looked okay.

But I'm kind of lazy... For keying or color correction it might give you a little more something.

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