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Advice on eBay anamorphic lens listing (No advertising)

Andrew Reid

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Thanks solo! Weird stuff, I don't trust prisms...

Did you check this seller's other listings? the guy is a total vampire indeed.

​I've just seen his profile...

"SINGLE focus anamorphic lens anamorphot iscorama kowa 8z iscomorphot cinemascope" for $115,500.00


IMO $1000 dollars for the focus-pocus-module is too much and now this guy asks $130,000 for WHAT? a positive and a negative lens? seriously?

In his words: wow realllyy WOOOOOW !!!

Like someone said in another post: the spirit of "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" round here!

"I know what gold does to men's souls."


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I just found a collection of projection lenses on our national craigslist - but I'm not too familiar with anamorphic as a whole. Are any of these worthwhile? (they range from 30-200 USD equivalent each) Thanks!

Isco-Göttingen Iscovar 0,8-1,3 x (zoom converter) 
& prime Isco-Göttingen Kiptaron 1,2/50 
focal length between 40 & 65 mm.
10 mm ISCO-Göttingen SUPER-KIPTAR 1.8
25 mm ISCO-Göttingen SUPER-KIPTAR 1.4
35 mm Optische Werke, Göttingen Duotar 1:1,5
35 mm Astro-Kino-Color IV 1:1,6. 
45 mm
50 mm SOM Berthiot Cinor 1.5
63 mm (2 ½ inch) Taylor-Hobson 1.65
65 mm EMO A. Seibert Wetzlar 1,5
65 mm Isco-Göttingen Kiptaron 1.
70 mm Angénieux 1:1,5
75 mm (3 inch) Taylor-Hobson 1.65
75 mm Astro-Kino-Color IV 1:1,6
75 mm EMO A. Seibert Wetzlar..
85 mm Astro-Kino-Color IV 1:1,6.

38 mm. Super Sankor F1.5. 
63mm. (2.5 inch.) Sankor F2.0. 
50 mm Hokushin 1.2

Schneider-Kreuznach CINEGON 1.4/16 mm
Paillard-Bolex diopters: 5, 10, 20 & 40 mm
Kern-Paillard Yvar 1:2,5 f=75mm,
Bell & Howell f/3.5 3 inch

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Saw this guy on ebay: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/121644005255?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Not anamorphic, but of interest enough to post.

Also, any idea how they are achieving these horizontal streaks?

I have a couple helios lenses kicking around and would love to try my hand at modifying them, but I wouldn't know where to start. If anyone knows any resources on the web please send them my way.




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Firstly thanks to everyone providing great information on anamorphic adapters and lenses. Helped me choose the adapter that best suited my needs.

I had originally placed a bid on the rare Baby Hypergonar (not mine) listed below, but glad I got out in the end. Price is still very low for this pricey bit of glass with just over a day to go on the listing. Could turn out to be a bargain for someone who will actually use it instead of ending up with a collector :)




Another listing wants €2500 which is insane! Becoming a collectors item more than a functional lens at that price.

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I am wondering if lens below is the one QuickHitRecord is referring to in this thread:


QuickHitRecord posted that thread a year ago, mentioning these lenses are found on eBay for $75-150, but I'm seeing them for $500.  I have a line on one in good condition for $250 and I'm wondering if this is a good deal.

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Yes, it does appear to be the same lens referred to in the thread you mentioned. Keep in mind; the one used and mentioned by QuickHitRecord was modified to have a shorter focus throw instead of having to turn the barrel 5 complete revolutions to travel from infinity to close focus. Seems interesting and a rather convenient modification especially given the close focusing capability of this lens without the use of diopters.

Pricing seems to be all over the place as usual and I am sure a good deal could be found at some point. The ones I have seen under/around $100 tend to have little issues with the optics such a scratches or light fungus. So I think above that is realistic currently. Actually, there are a few online now ranging from $165-$499(overpriced for the latter IMO). As mentioned in the thread link above, some ask unrealistic prices and my feeling is that they are not really that rare at all.

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New old stock! $100 - 5 sets left. I got one.

Rare NOS ANGENIEUX CLOSE UP LENS DIOPTER Set For Angenieux 12-120mm 10-150 Zoom


Angenieux +0.25? - 82mm thread. I could be wrong and no.1 is about +1,25 and the no.2 is about +2 ***?

No vignetting & very little CA, if any. Its a singlet, so it will only sharpen up the image a little (not as much as a doublet). As you can see it gives me the full focus range on the Isco 54, which was unexpected - Bioskop.Inc

The same as the one used in this test, I hope. It would be interesting to know how this would work  in front of SRL Magic Range finder, which has 82mm front thread.





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I'd jump on this if I had the funds handy, someone else might want to snap up this B&H Projection Lens for $84:


damn, man! you forced my hand! I had an eye in that for a while, thinking if I would go deep into that mod project, and now I had to get it. hahaha. Well, I'm gonna be following your steps pretty close, please keep me updated on your findings, will you? :p

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damn, man! you forced my hand!

Well, if you had waited more than a couple days, I would have my paycheck, and I would have bought it out from under you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But there's no use in getting a 2nd B&H unit until I know I can do the mod on the 1st one.  As soon as I get that paycheck I'll be ordering a helicoid of eBay (add a couple weeks for shipment from China) and I should be ready to startmodding in mid August.  I'll definitely post back to the forum with the results!

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Does anyone have any information on this eBay anamorphic lens?  I more concerned about sharpness and flare if used on a GH4.  Thanks.




Its sharpness is excellent, but no flare.  Btw, it is over priced, IMO.

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