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  1. Quite nice. Thanks for posting. How does it feel? IS everything smooth and robust? Anything that gives you any concern yet?
  2. Finding a monitor to de-squeeze anamorphic is a bit of a pain with very few affordable options. I did come across this recently: http://www.cinemartin.com/monitors/7inch/loyal/lt/ Looks like it has a desqueeze setting. Haven't tried it myself, but the specs look okay for the price.
  3. Here's one I've never seen before. An Isco x2 Anamorphic with built-in Aperture (15 Blades Iris) Anyone see anything like this before? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Isco-x2-Anamorphic-Anamorphot-with-15-Blades-Iris-Sharp-F1-0-/132137717261?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255
  4. Good eye. It is the TTC Subway. The rest is shot around Liberty Village.
  5. A bit late to the party, but I've tested out a few different lenses with the FM Focus Module. Nothing scientific, just some run-and-gun home testing. Here are some results. Hope they are useful to someone:
  6. Are you using ML on a first generation 7D or a 7D MarkII? My 7D has been sitting on my shelf like an unloved toy I've grown out of. Please tell me ML has cracked the 7D and I can get anamorphic raw out of it!
  7. Hi guys, Came across this: Bolex Anamorphot 1.5x http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Bolex-Paillard-16-32-Anamorphot-1-5x-Anamorphic-Lens-Moller-System-/151888155807?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255 Low starting price caught my eye, but in the second last pic it looks like there's the start of fungus on the upper edge of the front element. Think this will affect image?
  8. Man, I'm sorry to hear that! I was hoping to hear it was a great solution and you loved it. I know too well the sting of dropping money on gear that doesn't measure up. Sorry it didn't work out this time. But thanks for coming through with the review - that was cool of you.
  9. Please post a little review once you get it and test it out. I'd love to hear your impressions.
  10. Would love to see some tests on human faces. Shots look nice. 40mm is really the sweet spot for me in terms of the FOV I expect from anamorphic. I'm shooting with a helios (58mm) and the images are nice, but it is too zoom-y. Post some faces! (please)
  11. Good topic. Been looking myself. I have using the Focus Module and my cheap FF is too weak to spin that giant ass lens. The Fotga DP500s looks like the best budget FF, but I came came across the Lensse FF. A hundred bucks more but looks nice. Here: http://www.lensse.com/lensse-s5-dual-follow-focus/ Don't know anyone who has tried this one. Would like to see some reviews or hear feed back.
  12. This is killer. Great reference. Thank you!
  13. Not sure what you're on about fake anamorphic and all that... But some extremely beautiful shots. Really beautiful work. And great edit. What did you shoot on? Camera, lenses? Please share. Again. Beautiful...
  14. THANK YOU! Problem solved. Works perfectly. Much appreciated. -rav-
  15. If you figure it out please post the answer, I cannot figure it out either. The weird thing is that in editing mode it is compressed, but in color correction mode the footage de-squeezes perfectly. Frustrating... Confusing...
  16. Any ideas on how much more money? EDIT: I'm an idiot. Price is right on the pdf: 599UKP ($938.05 USD)
  17. Maybe he's a big Lincoln fan.
  18. I feel your pain on that front. The ML forums are convoluted, and downright nasty at times. The amount of times I've searched for an answer only to find a thread with someone asking the same question only to see the answer they got was a snarky "use the search button" type response. They have done amazing technical work, but the ML community is toxic.
  19. Are we talking purely rental and pro market high, or steep but doable for the indie filmmaker? Either way, I'm eager to see what you come up with!
  20. All I see is this: This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.
  21. ​I think you mean the Global Shipping Program and their ridiculous over charging. In reality it just means the seller doesn't want to sell outside of the US. It's like a polite way of saying, "sure, I'll sell to you, but I'm gonna make sure it hurts.". Just refuse to buy anything that uses the global shipping policy. I have.
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