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  1. Another Iscorama 1.5x spotted on Ebay. (Not my listing) This one has an interesting clip attachment I haven't seen before. Strange. I'm still looking for a 54, but here's this link if anyone of you guys are on the hunt. The glass looks clean.: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ISCORAMA-1-5X-ANAMORPHIC-Beaulieu-Super-8mm-Clip-adapter-DSLR-BMCC-BMPC-/111458367096?pt=FR_IQ_PhotoVideo_Photo_Objectifs_Zooms
  2. Wow... This has gone from an interesting conversation about a cool looking product to... well... I don't know what this is....
  3. 843257360116d968fbcca32cef9e8944
  4. Great. Well, not great... But great that I got an answer. Thanks, Dhessel! Much appreciated.
  5. Do you know if this is this possible with the 35mm as well? Can the 50mm spherical lomo (in the proper housing) work with the 35mm anamorphic block?
  6. These stills look great, Dave. It looks like you got it figured it out. Odd how imprecise these lenses can be. That said, IMHO, on a 16:9 sensor the 1.41 is a more desirable. Looks like you got lucky! Fun lens.
  7. Post an un-stretched still from it, maybe we can figure out it's stretch for you.
  8. Any idea what it actually is. My mind runs wild and I get excited, but is this actually what it looks to be? The pic tells us very little, the website is listed as "coming soon"...
  9. I believe you have a projector lens. The NAP series are for projectors not cinema cameras, AFAIK. You'll need a taking lens to render an image on your sensor. I'm guessing somewhere in the neighbourhood of 55-100mm to avoid vignetting. You'll also need a clamp to attach the two. I think these lomo projector lenses are quite beefy, so I'm not sure what clamp will work. It might be better to get a rail mount for the lens and then line it up with your taking lens and then black out the gap between the two. Hope that helps.
  10. Came across this: Anamorphic 'baby' ZEISS IKON 22/1,5x modtoFocus 0.16m Anamorphot lens http://www.ebay.com/itm/Anamorphic-baby-ZEISS-IKON-22-1-5x-modtoFocus-0-16m-Anamorphot-lens-Iscorama-/111404272709?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_146 Ad says it is a single focus lens and has had a close focus mod. Interesting. Thought some of you would be interested...
  11. I saw this too. Blurry photos seemed deliberate. Maybe I'm just wary of being ripped off. Thanks for posting the extra info.
  12. Hey guys, I saw a Iscorama 50mm F2.8 Anamorphic Lens – Rare pre- 36 on ebay. Not the worst price I've seen. If anyone is interested here is the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Isco-Gottingen-Iscorama-50mm-F2-8-Anamorphic-Lens-Rare-pre-36-M42-version-/201100412876?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item2ed284c7cc
  13. My god that is MASSIVE. How wide can you go before it vignettes? The footy looks great, BTW. Would love to see some daylight outdoor, and some faces. Thanks for posting.
  14. Wow, Wednesday. That is recent. I'm on the other side (toronto). I think you'll love Van. It's beautiful. Post some samples with your 54 when you get it, we'd all love to see it in action!
  15. I agree. It drives me nuts sometimes. I search multiple times a day, and never saw this 54 for sale. Oh, well. Good for Tito!
  16. Thanks for the info, Tito. Much appreciated. That's a amazing. Good to know there are some out there in my price range. I'm green with envy! I'm in Canada, too BTW. Welcome to Canada!
  17. What did it go for if you don't mind saying? I've been searching for one and am curious at what they are currently going for.
  18. Saw this pop up: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/ISCO-Gttingen-Iscorama-15x-Anamorphic-Lens-50mm-F28-Nikon-F-Mount-Excellent-/121353515608 Seems ridiculously overpriced. But I suppose that isn't for me to decide.
  19. Which one do you have? Square front? Round front? 50mm, 75mm?
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