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  1. Came across this 1.5x today: KOWA PROMINAR ANAMORPHIC LENS--35--1.5X http://www.ebay.ca/itm/KOWA-PROMINAR-ANAMORPHIC-LENS-35-1-5X-/121670691048?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255 650bucks.
  2. ​Where on earth did you find a 68mm step up ring?
  3. Saw this guy on ebay: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/121644005255?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Not anamorphic, but of interest enough to post. Also, any idea how they are achieving these horizontal streaks? I have a couple helios lenses kicking around and would love to try my hand at modifying them, but I wouldn't know where to start. If anyone knows any resources on the web please send them my way.
  4. ​Your mount looks much nicer than mine. The total depth of mine is 14mm, but it doesn't step down like yours although it does taper off. (mine posted below) Hopefully the ceico7 adapter works, I'd rather not have to start with remounting the lens. Thanks again for all the info Rich. Much appreciated!
  5. ​Awesome. Thanks for the tip, Russell! Ordering a ceico7. Should have done that in the first place!
  6. ​Rich, your posts are the best. You always bring such great info. Thank you. I love you. Did I just make it weird? Anyway, the back of the lens is exactly 14mm so I'm confident that will not be the issue. I had a sneaking suspicion that the mount was not from Raf, I think his are logo'd. Perhaps the lens came from him and the mount was an abomination put on by the last owner. In any case, I'll give the ciecio7 a try and see how it goes. If that fails, I guess I'll keep the adapter and replace the mount. Oh, the joys of buying vintage lenses! Thanks again!
  7. What up! I'm looking for a someone to recommend a PL to EOS adapter. Just to be clear, I am talking about EOS body to PL lens. I have a Foton 37-140mm in PL and I'm dying to test it out. I picked up an adapter on Ebay, but it didn't fit. The sides of the PL mount were too big for the adapter. See the pictures attached. If the info is any use, the lens was converted to PL by RAF Camera (No logo on the mount, but so says the guy who sold it to me). There seems to be a ton of adapters out there to try, but I'd love to hear some feedback from people who have some experience before I start round
  8. Marco, I'd love to hear your thoughts on using the lens. The ease of use, or difficulties. How long it takes to set up, or to change lenses. Tell me what you can! And how wide can you go with the taking lens and the cinelux? Wider than 50mm? 40? 35? Please let me know. ALSO: You can download a PDF of the delta workflow here: boydhobbs.com-Legend of CE Woolman for Delta.pdf
  9. Looks interesting, I'm sure the price is out of my reach to own which means when I need to rent I'll rent primes...
  10. Hey everybody, I was on a gig and when I came back to the site it seemed the whole discussion went to shit with UNNAMED individuals slinging mud at each other. WTF??? I'd still love to talk to you all about the FM lens and hear your feedback and experiences. I still haven't bought one and want to hear what y'all think. Anyhoo.... If we are allowed to continue talking about this thing let's do it. Please post your tests, your thoughts, likes dislikes. What anamorphics you are using etc... I have many questions....
  11. Been looking for the anamorphic front for ages, but hard to justify the price. 18 months ago they went for 1200, now 3 grand. I don't blame you, you should get the most you can on a sale. I'd do the same. We all would. But the quality of this lens does not match the current price.
  12. Yeah, this is a problem for me too. It is so clearly a scam. That said, it has not been without it's benefits. It has cut my ebay spending by about 90% since this absurd gouging has taken place. At this point, if I see the global shipping program on the ad, I just click off. It is the seller's way of saying they do not want to sell internationally.
  13. They are like a ghost. People claim they exist, but I've never seen one. I have a mint foton 37-140 and have been waiting for a LOOOONG time for the anamorphic front to pop up somewhere... I did see one a month or so back... for 12,000 bucks.
  14. This is great info. Thanks, Andy! Much appreciated.
  15. Can anyone with a cinelux let me know what the widest 35mm lens they can use without vignetting. 50mm seems to be the standard, but I prefer a little wider for my narrative work. Has anyone tested a 35mm lens on a crop sensor? Scrolled through, and didn't see it mentioned. If it is a repeat question, I apologize.
  16. Thanks for the info Russell, much appreciated! I didn't even bother bidding as I was a little iffy on the glass. And "rodina mount"? Had to google that one... Thanks again.
  17. Looks like they all sold for a reasonable price. DId you manage to grab one? You mentioned that you can get these dual lenses converted to monoblock. Do you know who is doing this? I'd love to look into it. Thanks!
  18. I saw this item as well. The seller actually has 3 different 50mm square fronts and two 35mm square fronts for sale. One of the 35mm looks 80's the other looks like a much older version. The 50mm are confusing. I was looking at this you posted one as well. I had found a guide explaining what all the letters meant on the front of lomos, but I can't seem to re-locate it. If anyone knows, please help!
  19. Awesome, thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Really excited for this thing...
  20. Thanks for the link. But I guess I wasn't clear enough. I'm looking for the circular device that is mounted on the rails and holds the lens. Sorry for the confusion, I realize I'm not being entirely clear. I'm just not sure what to call it. "Lens hoop" "Anamorphic lens holder" "Rail mounted lens clamp".... I've found something similar, but the one in the video is far more compact.
  21. Hey, guys, does anyone know what rail mount he is using? The one seen in this video: The hoop mount thing? Where can I get one? It's hard to find something when you don't know what it's called. Thanks!
  22. I have a feeling they will soon sky rocket in price...
  23. This seems to be different market than Rectilux is going for. This FM module comes in at about 800 bucks (+ your projector lens), but the rectilux is over 4 thousand dollars!
  24. Yeah, it's really about the price on this. I'm sold on everything else. I imagine it will not be cheap. Film equipment never is...
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