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  1. I'm selling my set of Super16 Optar Illumina cinema lenses along with brand new adapters for EF and MFT. As I've decided to focus on writing/directing, I realised I no longer need the set and am in greater need of the cash. They've never been used other than for tests so the glass is 100% clean - plus they've come directly from the KMZ factory - brand new with standard 0.8 pitch gears on the focus/iris rings. I purchased them as a modern alternative to Zeiss Super Speeds (which they were modeled on) since I was after a fast lens that could work well in available light. The quality of the glass is great, but some of the lenses are a little stiff from sitting around boxed in the factory. As they are in Arri-B mount, I'll include 4 x EF / 3 x MFT Micro 4/3 adapters. Lenses would look great on the Ursa Micro 4.6K in 2K window mode, BM pocket camera, Sony F5/F55/FS7 in 2K crop mode, RED Raven/Dragon in 2K/3K crop etc. 8mm T1.3 - Arri-B 9.5mm T1.3 Arri-B 12mm T1.3 Arri-B 16mm T1.3 Arri-B 25mm T1.3 Arri-B 50mm T1.3 Arri-B USD5500 for the set including adapters (Paypal or wire transfer. Buyer pays shipping and fees. If you'd like to purchase several lenses and not the full set, willing to discuss splitting the set. If you'd like test footage please do not hesitate to ask and I will upload some images / video tests. Happy to answer any questions as I spent quite a lot of time researching and putting this set together. Thanks for looking. PS If I've put this in the wrong place in the forum (sorry) - please let me know
  2. Hi, For sale is my treasured Iscorama Pre-36 (uncoated) lens. I barely use it and have found myself drifting towards S16 cine glass (which also needs to get funded). The lens is in near mint condition (exception of scuffs) with only a few specs of dust which is expected for a lens of this age and the focus is very smooth. What's included: * Iscorama Pre-36 lens and original front cap. * 50mm Nikon taking lens * Redstan 55mm clamp. (55mm thread which is perfect for Leica-R and Minolta Rokkor lenses) - Brand new * Solid focus ring (Focusgears) which slides on, locking securely. Wide gear means that it works fine despite the extending front element - Brand new USD3500 excluding shipping costs (shipping from Australia) Paypal preferred. Will consider reasonable offers, but please nothing silly as the lens and accessories cost me a fortune. Also if you'd more detailed photos, test shots/video just let me know. Thanks Tristan PS I may also consider selling my Isco widescreen 2000 lens with (new) Redstan front and rear clamps.
  3. HI, Thanks to everyone for their advice. For some reason I didn't get your responses in my inbox. The guy said the glass look very clean but he hadn't tested it which wasn't a great sign. @araucaria - It went for ~USD1500! Anyway I ended up grabbing one in near mint condition (perfect glass and only some smears on the housing) with original caps for $2750 which was a pretty good price (still painful) but also makes it much easier to resell if it doesn't work for my needs. @andrew - I personally really like the look of the 2x Kowa BH (which I've got but yet to test properly) and as much as I like the idea of single focus (SLR Magic rangefinder), the results so far don't look fantastic. I'll be keen to see what it looks like in controlled lighting situations, wide open with quality taking glass etc. Also I agree I'd be very surprised if the Iscorama magically drops in value. Most serious DPs are still using the Panavision C/E series which are from around the same era (Alan will correct me no doubt). Also new rehoused Pvintage (old glass, new housings) is in vogue. Just a pity Iscorama isn't 2x stretch. If anyone is curious about the new Zeiss Anamorphics - check out A Most Violent Year. We could never afford (even to rent) them, but it shows you how 'perfect' modern glass has become. Personally I much prefer the Panavision C. Volker - I meant to add your Minolta Rokkor tests on Vimeo (I have a full set up to 135mm plus zooms) with the 5DIII were amazing! (sorry andrew wrong place)
  4. Hi, Found this Iscorama pre-36 on ebay and currently its *very* cheap with a day and a bit to go. According to the seller (who's been very helpful) the optics are clear but I don't think they've tested it. The plastic is very faded suggesting its been sitting in the sun for long periods or exposed to chemicals? Worth the risk? http://www.ebay.com/itm/191639075985?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Cheers for your advice in advance.
  5. Firstly thanks to everyone providing great information on anamorphic adapters and lenses. Helped me choose the adapter that best suited my needs. I had originally placed a bid on the rare Baby Hypergonar (not mine) listed below, but glad I got out in the end. Price is still very low for this pricey bit of glass with just over a day to go on the listing. Could turn out to be a bargain for someone who will actually use it instead of ending up with a collector http://www.ebay.com/itm/Berthiot-Cinemascope-Anamorphic-Baby-Hypergonar-8-mm-/181791113222?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_71&hash=item2a53984006 Another listing wants €2500 which is insane! Becoming a collectors item more than a functional lens at that price.
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