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Advice on eBay anamorphic lens listing (No advertising)

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Found an anamorphic lens on eBay and need advice?   Is it a good buy? Need more information? Want to share unusual discoveries and finds?   Post here.   No advertising of your own auctions pleas

i have 5 of them let me know if someone wants 1 ex pentagon war room military video telephone pictures of drone strikes in 16.9 before the sensors changed. made about 10 years ago i assume mr poison

Internal Prism design

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I think someone should send him a link to the Focus Module from Anamorphic shop. Bet he'd feel silly right then. That, or have everyone on the forums offer him like, 2 dollars for that.


seriously, if I had that much money i could make a whole friggin movie. yeesh. Its like pawn stars IRL. "oh I think its worth $4546834603458.30"


Then Rick Harrison is all:


3 dollars. thats my final offer.

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just got an Isco 42, for a fairly high price. Haven't seen one but this in a long, long time.

Was anyone here among the bidders too?

I'm considering selling my 54 to cover some of the damage to my bank account...


Do you sell any big diopter. I am looking for Voigtlander Focars or some other big guy.

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Hi guys, i'm newby here (and my english is very bad) I have an la7200, and another "cheap" anamorphic andapters but i'm dying ta get a Lomo, I'm in love with this beautys. i'm a poor guy also, no big cash.

Is there any way to find the "rear part" of this thing? I have been searching and didn't find it.

Hope this is the right place to write this.

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I've seen some Bausch and Lomb Cinemascope lenses listed on ebay, but can't find any info on them online, or test footage ...

it's not the B&L projector attachment it's the cine lens, like this one:



anybody know anything abouth them?


​No value for me, IMHO.

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"This listing is for: Schneider-Kreuznach Variable Compression Anamorphic lens 1.0x-1.5x modified to be useable on hdslr/camera 

I'm not responsible for your results and other cameras, lenses. You need to do a research for your own camera system/lenses to get similar results."


$970.00 eur ??? prrrrtttt! 

This seller is a vampire ... another one :D

The real name of this lens is Schneider Kreuznach Letterphot-Super-Modivar, is too small and I think it is unusable.


Oct/2014 $90 eu: 


"Schneider Kreuznach Letterphot Super Modivar lens, originally for the Letterphot phototypesetting machine. The machines were made by Diversum-Letterphot Vertrieb.

The lens consists of an adjustable anamorphic prism pair and a front diopter for close focus for printing text. 

The lens has 3 rings (in order from back to front)
1. Variable anamorphic prism control from 1.0x (spherical) to 1.5x horizontal squeeze factor
2. Rotation (0°-180°) for aligning the anamorphic element.
3. Focus"






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