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  1. Tokina +0.4 Achromat in great condition with original leather case and box. Holy Grail of diopters. 72mm Asking $400 SLR Magic +0.33 and +1.33 Diopter kit in great condition with original case. 77mm Asking $160 Located in Los Angeles, CA plus for Shipping and PayPal
  2. Enjoyed the movie and this doc. Amazing that they had to start from north of the continent and finish south due to weather limitations 5 months later.
  3. Hey @FrankLad How are you liking the Polaroid diopter? Have you had a chance to try any others before in comparison? I was looking between the 500d and 250d to stack. Thanks
  4. Makes sense, I was wondering about the naming scheme on it. I thought it was going to be called wonderscope from Andrew Wonder. hope to hear what his thoughts are on it.
  5. This is very intriguing. It's amazing why I'm not seeing much curvature from the image in macro mode. Looks like standard Macro lens in a way to be honest. I'm still confused by it altogether, but will re read it a few more times. Thanks for sharing! Brings new joy to the lens.
  6. Really want to see a comparison. I have 8 32gb SD cards that will be unusable after the update.
  7. Pre 36, non multicoated. I have it listed as $3500 on a few platforms, but entertaining offers. Had a rental property not listed for a couple months and need to recoupe funds. boo. I'm based out of Los Angeles, CA. Thanks Johnson
  8. ​This right here. I have a few Pelicans and I find it's more troublesome to pack it and get ready to transport it. Now I keep my camera in a bag that's ready to go.
  9. I think this is an example of it. My wife can't tell the difference, but something doesn't look right in facial features, not that I know how she looks like in person. And also how the candle sconce on the walls are. As Rich said, might be fine the way it is with a handful of people who will point it out. edit: not sure if the video shows. it's the music video for " Love Me Harder " by Ariana Grande
  10. I don't own the SLR Magic, but are their diopters any good or better sticking with Tokina and the such?
  11. Perfect, Thanks Tito! Google showed images of 0.4 version when I searched for both. Glad I got the right one!
  12. Hi Tito. Thanks. I actually wanted to know the physical appearance difference as It doesn't have a indication marking to identify it.
  13. Anyone know the telltale signs between a Tokina 0.5 and 0.4? Google image search isn't helping. Tia
  14. Thanks for that Rudolf. Was reading about it with excitement. Will have to research further.
  15. @enny Thanks! Paid way too much for it, but at the moment... it's worth it. Wife called it a Bday/Xmas/Valentine/Anniversary/Father's Day gift. @Rudolf Thanks! The Baby-Möller was on my radar also for size, but I know I would've still had my eyes set on the 36 at the end, haha. The 54 seems just as intriguing, but I agree with what you said about it. Been reading up on the Close-Focus mod to educate and prepare myself for it. Stay Tuned.
  16. Nice compositions. esp that waterfall slope at 2:37. Gives impression of really good min close focus.
  17. I have the Zacuto evf and although it's not the biggest monitor at 3.2", the aspect ratio is worth it. I'm looking forward to hear about he mustHD for a larger solution.
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