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Best cheap wireless hdmi transmitter


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Looks like that one is 0.3-0.5sec delay according to amazon page and it sounds about right.

One option is the ethernet extender box that encodes into a h264 stream and back + two access points. Probably about 0.3 sec delay too not sure what ppl hacked that one to, about half the price tho. Think there is a thread about the box used as a cheap capture device.

At best you are probably looking at 2-3 frames to encode and same for decode and maybe 2-5ms for wireless overhead so about 105ms for a 60p stream.

Now what you could do is convert HDMI/HD-SDI to AHD which is analog HD used a lot for security cameras and fpv and send that over a 5.8GHz analog link and you get the almost 0 latency you want.

I'm sure there are many fpv drone/plane communities that have good resources about the transmitting side of things. Not sure what resolution is the max tho. 720p could probably still work for focus but that might add another box to the mix.

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Quite a prescient topic as I have just picked up one of these Skyzone TX5D transmitters.


It has an HDMI input and then converts it to analog transmission on 5.8GHz.

Your options to view it are then an integrated FPV monitor (or goggles if you are that way inclined) or via a receiver that connects to an android phone.

Transmitter is less than £50, a monitor can be had for under £100 or the android adapter is about £30.

You also need to budget another £20 for a lipo battery to run it on.

The benefit of doing it this way aside from the cost is that it is really low latency.

As this stuff literally only turned up a couple of days ago, I haven't had a chance to put it together but I'll post something up here in a few days about it.

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The 3S lipo that I got for it is quite well matched to it form factor wise (I envisage putting the whole thing in a small box as its a bit of mess cable wise etc) but yeah it could equally be powered other ways.


Early impression after a quick test is that its performing slightly less than optimally as it only seems to be sending a black image on a black background ;)

I'll look at it properly tomorrow but I have a sneaking and sinking feeling that it doesn't like 1080p as an input.


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After a bit more testing today, the bad news is that my suspicion about the 1080p input seems to have been borne out as I was able to get it working with the LS300 which has a switchable HDMI output.

The good news about the bad news is that it is, as I expected it to be, extremely low latency and I was seeing the same sort of delays of 15-20ms that this poster demonstrates on YouTube

So, whilst the HDMI resolution is currently a bit of a fail for what I wanted it for (the Pocket4K) I'm going to persevere and try and find a cheap scaling solution or a different HDMI>AV converter (as the TX-5D also has a regular AV input too) as even adding another small box I definitely think its a solution worth exploring.

Stay tuned (to one of its 32 channels) and I'll update as and when.

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